Cyber Security: Cloud Solutions keep you secure

secure cloud solutions

Cyber Security: Cloud Solutions keep you secure

Why the cloud is our comforter….

To me, security is a scary word. Especially cyber security. When the word comes to mind I envision two men, dressed in black armed and ready to react to any eventuality. Secure on the other hand, the adjective to the suspicious noun leaves me feeling safe and warm. Describing cloud solutions as secure brings about connotations of a soft cloud like bed, fluffy, cosy and nurturing. And that’s why, when I talk about Cloud safety I do not talk about it in terms of how it improves your businesses security. But instead how it makes your company feel secure. But why is it that I feel so passionate about linking the benefits of cloud solutions, with a warm, fuzzy, protected feeling? Here’s why…

How is the Cloud protected?

Encryption is key. As it works as the front line of defence for any cloud system. Encryption methods utilise complex algorithms to conceal cloud protected information. Although nothing can be determined 100% safe, encryption ensures a very high percentage of safety. Cloud services utilise more complex security methods than the average computer owner is able to devise, ensuring your cloud based data is more secure than ever. Looking for more information? Why not give us a call or contact us online.

Why change?

A recent poll stated that 86% of companies not only use extensive cloud storage systems, but also use a multiple number of them. The survey consisted of companies from 80 different countries and collected data from as far back as 2005, before cloud storage became a household term.

So what does this mean?

It means that most companies either trust cloud storage enough to incorporate it significantly in their data storage efforts. Or the benefits of cloud storage are so great that it’s worth the risk. The trend is not stopping and it isn’t just a factor for the big companies to consider. In many ways, the remote accessibility of cloud solutions make it even more vital for smaller companies. As it makes working with freelancers much easier and enables the boss to keep an eye on proceedings even when they are away from the office.

So now you know the benefits of cloud solutions, don’t let security be a scary word. Cosy up to the cloud and keep your company secure.

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