Email Marketing made Easy with Zoho’s Know How

Email Marketing

Email Marketing made Easy with Zoho’s Know How

Our top tips for a tip top Zoho Email Marketing Campaign

A guide to effectively using Zoho Campaigns from the Zoho Certified Consultants.

Keep your mailing lists clean

We know that keeping your mailing lists up-to-date can be tricky, but it is essential that this basic requirement is met. Keeping on top of this task is made easier when you:

Segment your lists

Companies often have hundreds, if not thousands of subscribers to their Zoho Campaigns account who they connect with on a regular basis (or at least aim to). But, are your audience engaging in the way you wish them to? If not, maybe you aren’t approaching the right people. This is where Segmenting each mailing list comes in to play. It can help you ensure that you are sending information to the people who need and want to know your information. These are the people who will react to it and create the solid leads you need.

We all get fed up with receiving endless numbers of junk emails. Instead of bombarding your audience with emails, be specific about what you send to them and make sure that each email they’re sent is customised according to their interests or requirements.

This process can be made even easier with automated workflows. You can define rules for your email marketing according to a subscriber criteria. This will automatically allocate your subscribers to various mailing lists based upon their interests.

Sign-up forms the secret to success

The way to reel in the people who are really interested in becoming a part of your mailing list, is to put sign-up forms on your website and blogs. This will allow you to organically create a following who want your content.

This can be further enhanced with a Sign-up based Autoresponder to automatically send a welcome email to each new subscriber.

The importance of the personal touch & how to achieve it

If you want someone to answer you, you call them by their name. This applies to marketing too!

Humanize your content

1. The subject line and greeting can be easily personalised with merge tags- your contacts will be sure to thank you.

2. Apply a customised template- there’s a whole heap of them available in Zoho Campaigns.

3. Incorporate a little humour. Everyone likes a giggle so why not add an animated video or a GIF.

4. Link all of your content back to your website and blog- and support each email with a strong Call To Action!

5. Make sure any promotions or special offers are designed with a recipient (or group of recipients in mind).

Content is King

Although it is important that you can be flexible and create content that is in line with current affairs and newsworthy events. Being structured is never a bad idea. Make sure you have all the major holidays marked on a calendar and create templates and content in line with these dates in advance. Being organised will only make your life easier.

Schedule campaigns

Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance

Autoresponders can be set up now to go out anytime. Why not use this as a trigger to send out a previously allocated email campaign? Or use your calendar to make sure you capitalise on your key dates.

Ahh Automation

A real benefit of the cloud is that you can work anywhere! But we all need a break some times. Don’t let your email campaign slip just because you are on your holidays. Automate your processes and not only save time, but have them scheduled ahead of time. Then whilst you’re away you can throughly relax- knowing Zoho Campaigns has you covered.

Workflows and Autoresponders: Savvy Time Savers

Zoho Campaigns provides Email-Action based Autoresponder’s, this allows you to send a series of automated emails based on a subscriber’s behaviour. If a recipient clicks a link in your email you can send out an automatic reply thanking them for showing an interest and showing them that they are a valued customer.

Zoho Campaigns: Specifically created to make email marketing easy peasy.

For more information about Zoho Campaigns please click HERE.

Or call 01722480300 and ask to speak to a Zoho Certified Consultant.

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