How does Santa cope with his busy workload?

How does Santa cope with his busy workload?

We decided that Santa must have a CRM (customer relationship management) system. How else could he possibly manage such a complex operation?! We were curious to know which one he uses so we sent a message via the elves and guess what Santa said… “That’s easy! It’s ZO-HO-HO!” …which was no surprise to us. After all, with so much to organise we knew it would have to be a top-notch CRM system capable of handling really complex automations and integrations.

But how does Zoho ho help someone like Santa?

Think about it. Firstly, Santa has to recruit an awful lot of seasonal workers – for this he uses Zoho People. The elves have been really impressed with the improvements to his HR processes as a result. They can easily put in their expense claims for their many recconaissance missions (where they conduct research into children’s behaviour).

Santa needs to send out Zoho Campaigns to all parents throughout the Autumn months reminding them to set up the children’s wish lists. Then when all those letters to Santa come in, he needs some really top-of-the-range process automation to trigger work flows and tasks for the elves. And then there’s the Reporting to track the progress of all the orders. Of course, the elves, the reindeer and Santa all collaborate using Zoho Projects so that they can use the chat and forum facilities to keep each other updated, fix bugs in their toy prototypes and even upload design documents and images. With Zoho they can do all of this from where ever they are in the world via their mobile devices.

Helping to make Christmas Really Magical

If you are reading this and wishing your business could be run this smoothly, just like Santa’s well-oiled machine, then you should think about using Zoho. Or maybe you already have a CRM system that isn’t working for you?
We at A2Z Cloud are Zoho Alliance (ZAPP) Partners and have all the experience and know-how to set you on the right track. Getting your business streamlined in this way can save you time and increase profits, leaving you more time for the fun stuff like enjoying a relaxing Christmas…

or should that be making Christmas Really Magical?!

Have you thought about putting Zoho on your Christmas wish list? Find out more here.

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