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Appt-i-tude an introduction:

Your business grows and changes overtime – but are your systems and processes staying up to date and current? If the CRM is not managed and improved on a regular basis it will fall out of sync and out of line with your business and before you know it you will be looking at a complete rebuild. There will be times of just getting on with it and using the system as it was designed. Then there will be times when you wish you could just tweak it a bit, or you identify a completely new need, or want to train new members of staff. Sometimes you might just want to sound out one of our consultants for ideas. The point is, you don’t know quite what you’ll need in the future so its tough to plan and budget for it. That’s why we have come up with Appt-i-tude.

What actually is Appt-i-tude?

Think of Appt-i-tude as a cross between an insurance plan and a saving plan. The insurance element ensures if you have an issue we are only a phone call, email or instant chat away to help you resolve it. But everyone hates insurance fees – its dead money if you never need to make a claim. So that’s where the savings plan comes in. If you don’t use your Appt-i-tude credits in a given month they roll over to the next month.  This will continue until you have a little pot of gold to invest in a bigger piece of work or training, or if you really need it an overhaul of a part of your system. Maybe your own mobile app – in short the accrued credits can be redeemed against any service provided by A2Z Cloud (except software licenses and travelling expenses).

Are you looking for more than just customer service?

Appt-i-tude is our innovative and unique subscription based plan providing you with guaranteed support and the flexibility to access our professional and technical expertise according to your business needs.

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Is Appt-i-tude suitable for my business?

We are proud to be able to offer Appt-i-tude to all our new and existing customers, ensuring that we meet your individual requirements with our tailored support options. Whether you are a solopreneur, small charity, Micro Business, SMB or large business, we can help you.

As an added bonus if you join our Appt-i-tude scheme we give you a discount off our normal prices – a whopping average of 17% in fact.

So why not join Appt-i-tude?
We will ensure your system continues to perform well for you and your users. You will save money in the long term and protect your current investment by doing on-going maintenance, testing and iterative improvements.

How can I find out more?
Our professional UK based support team are available to help you with your next step.

Telephone: 01722480300
Email: enquiries@a2zcloud.com.
For pricing information download our PDF here.

Appt-i-tude offers you:

1. First class support
2. UK based team

3. Choice of support options from our professional range of services.

Appt-i-tude can provide you with the highest levels of specialist knowledge and support for your A2Z Cloud investment and future growth when you need it.

Appt-i-tude will help you and your business:

1. maintain stability
2. enhance the performance of your existing solution and develop future projects.

How it works:

Appt-i-tude is uniquely designed so that you can access both business and technical support. Your flexible support options include:
1.Customer system support
4.Consultancy and advice
5.System configuration / tailoring
6.Custom development