CRM Marketing is made easy for Tomorrow’s Company

Tim Morris Director of Finance

CRM Marketing is made easy for Tomorrow’s Company

Tomorrow’s Company reduced operating costs by 30%

Tomorrow’s company wanted to gain competitive advantage in the not-for-profit sector using Zoho. A2Z Cloud’s guidance has taken 30% of the operating costs out of the business and reinforced the company’s marketing strategy.


“I thought we were buying a CRM system. But we have ended up with an entire ERP”. Tim Morris Director of Finance


Tomorrow’s company was founded in 1996 by Mark Goyder. It is a not-for-profit charity that aims to share their ethos that business can be a force for good. They believe that the key to success is through focusing on a company’s relationships, purpose and values. And through serving the interests of employees, societies and shareholders in equal measure.

The challenges:

  • Speed of communication with clients
  • Management of customer data-base
  • Company efficiency
  • Delivery of data-driven marketing campaigns
  • Visibility of revenue forecasting
  • Access from remote locations

The Solution and how we made their marketing easy:

A2Z Cloud ran a business requirements workshop to agree the key measures and key performance indicator’s (KPI) for the new systems. The representatives from tomorrow’s company worked with A2Z Cloud to establish which applications would be of most benefit to them.

Alex Maitland, Corporate Relations Manager, described this service as: “professional, easy to understand and provided in a good time line”.

The tight integration between the CRM and marketing applications has clarified the company’s purpose and strengthened their marketing strategy. They can now map their customer’s journey by regularly reporting touch points and the subjects that generate the most interest. Meaning that they are now better informed on the effectiveness of their marketing materials. Their “business as a force for good” message has been reinforced by Zoho Survey. As it provides a direct portal for their clients views.

A2Z Cloud showed the tomorrow’s company representatives how to set up the systems. And taught them to manage them for themselves through a number of customised workshops. Alex has since reported that “the Zoho applications work well together”.

Alex Maitland Corporate Relations Manager

Alex Maitland Corporate Relations Manager

The Future:

Tomorrow’s company can now more easily share and co-create documents by using A2Z Cloud’s systems. Which has enhanced the collaborative culture within their business. They now have a clear marketing strategy which has reinforced their business ideology and the role they play in society. All of their membership data is in one place and up-to-date. And they have taken 30% of the operating costs out of the business.


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