NanoMEGAS case study with A2ZCloud

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NanoMEGAS case study with A2ZCloud

NanoMEGAS’ communication has improved on a global scale

NanoMEGAS wanted a CRM system that would help them to manage their opportunities and create an accurate pipeline picture. So resources could be planned accordingly. Alan Robins Director of Business Development was frustrated by the database currently used by the team as it could not be accessed from remote locations and the quality of the data was poor.


“The CRM system is fantastic for sales because everything you need is right there.”


NanoMEGAS is a SME (small-medium sized enterprise) partner to the European Network for Transmission Electron Microscopy. Their mission is to supply expertise on electron diffraction applications globally. Based in Brussels, they distribute world-wide. And require continuity across all territories and sales channels. They have contacts who are end users, OEM’s (original equipment manufacturer’s), plus agents and dealers. So their potentials or sales can come through both OEMs and agents to their customers and contacts.

The challenges:

  • Continuity across sales territories
  • Organisation-wide access
  • Inventory visibility
  • Speed of processes
  • Remote Access
  • Support

The Solution:

A2Z Cloud conducted a business requirements workshop to determine the key performance indicator’s (KPI) for the new software. This allowed both company’s to establish clear aims for the project. NanoMEGAS wanted to gain a clear picture of demand. Zoho CRM achieves this aim by providing all of their customer data in one place, readily available even from remote locations. This has given the distributors the agility to scale their operations to match demand.

A2Z Cloud increased NanoMEGAS’ visibility by providing them with real-time inventory data to drive proactive, responsive sales operations. Meaning that they can now make well informed purchasing decisions. And can see which products they depend on most to drive their business.

“The CRM system is fantastic for sales because there is less clutter, everything you need is right there” (Alan Robins).

Making it easier for distributors to measure and improve company
performance and embrace a mobile work ethic.

The implementation of Zoho CRM has meant that the company have improved their execution and coordination with suppliers and customers. This is because they can now create a list of potentials, from which they can calculate those with a probability of completing higher than 75%. Which they can use to make a manufacturing forecast. They have also found that the execution and coordination of sales has vastly improved due to the usability of the CRM system.

Alan stated that “the search function is outstanding!” Because it always manages to find what he is looking for, no matter how fragmented the information he enters may be, whether it is part of a name or email address.


The Future:

The Zoho CRM has improved customer service by holding all of the customer information in one place. Alan was concerned that the cloud solutions would not be accessible off-line. A2Z Cloud overcame this issue by installing a Zoho Mobile App which provides a hard copy for the times the employees are unconnected. The app even updates whilst the user is off-line too.

NanoMEGAS now know “that what people are doing is centralised under the customer” (Alan Robins).

Next, they would like to explore using some ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) functionality to upload directly on to a partner portal.

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