“No really you don’t need a desk phone anymore!”

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“No really you don’t need a desk phone anymore!”

A desktop phone that integrates into your CRM software can cost £200+ per handset – why incur this cost when  a soft phone or a mobile is free?

I once knew a high and mighty corporate person, now in his early sixties, who, when email was invented, refused to get an email address and use email. For the sake of this article, lets call him Mr Boss-Man. He would just say, “I’m not going to do it! I refuse to do it! It’s too impersonal!”

He insisted on continuing to use fax, even when it got to the point where his office had him set up to receive faxes on his computer. Even then, he refused to read the faxes in TIFF or PDF form on his computer. He insisted on printing them out to read. He also insisted on continuing to send all communications out by fax, and then print out the message to be sent and put the paper outgoing message through the fax machine.

There was no good reason for him not to use email. He was technically apt. Only, he had backed himself into a corner, and he wouldn’t swallow his pride and come into the present time. His business suffered, his employees suffered, and the professional and charitable organizations in which he held leadership posts suffered. While memos were all going out to everyone else via email, you had to put everything else aside and send his to him by fax.

“Just because that’s the way we have always done it – doesn’t mean that’s the way it should be done today …” (RingCentral Forum).

And so, if Mr Boss-Man represents one kind of business owner. Another would be Ms Clueless. This type of business owner is the kind that would buy a VoIP phone, but then do everything they can to make those phones act and work just like a desk phone but on a computer. Embracing a VoIP system can be daunting, we know. But just like breaking any habit, it is undertaken in a pursuit of the greater good.

We are now in the era of the laptop. And we at A2Z Cloud are a laptop organization. When we moved premises at the end of 2015 we left our desk phones behind. We solely use soft phone and mobile applications and make/ receive calls without a desk phone. It’s all a matter of perception. People seem to think that if you don’t have a phone on your desk you can’t make phone calls. And some long standing organizations will find it tough to make the leap.

“I believe I saw tumbleweed cross over my desk phone from the lack of use” (RingCentral Forum).

I know that for many this may be an information overload, but the point is we are an organization that drives change through keeping up with the latest developments in technology. Are you?

“I love, love, love dialing from my computer. And will continue doing so until we evolve further” Lucy Beck Director of A2Z Cloud.

You want to be a forward thinking, dynamic and technically apt company? Then wake up and smell the coffee beans. VoIP is here to stay…

Learn about why we decided to partner with VoIP providers RingCentral to integrate to ZohoCRM here.

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