History of how we became the A2ZCloud we are today

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History of how we became the A2ZCloud we are today

The A2ZCloud History in a nutshell.

A2ZCloud was launched in January 2016, developed from Managing Director Lucy Beck’s previous company i-Dynamics…


i-Dynamics History

i-Dynamics historyi-Dynamics was historically an IT Sales company started from home in October 2010. The company offered outsourced sales director services to foreign companies wishing to bring their software products to the UK market. The first contract was for a Swedish Company – Palette. While working on this contract Lucy became increasingly frustrated by the lack of process control and inability to share information amongst the global partner community. Whilst searching for a solution Lucy discovered a new product – Zoho. It quickly became apparent this was an emerging IT platform with the ability to hold its own against Google and Microsoft. Lucy adopted the platform for managing Palette UK’s business and collaborating with the Swedish parent company.


  • October 2010: i-Dynamics is born
  • May 2013: Lucy travels to San Francisco
  • April 2014: Lucy travels to Chennai
  • January 2016: A2ZCloud is born

ZOHO History

Quickly becoming a “Zoholic” Lucy started telling people about the platform. This resulted in the formation of a “side” business helping companies customize and deploy Zoho CRM for their own use. As demand grew, Lucy saw potential in focusing on Zoho, and what it could offer UK businesses. In May 2013, she travelled to San Francisco to “check-out” the company and meet with the CEO. During this trip she was bowled over by the enthusiasm and commitment of the staff, the humility of the CEO Sridhar Vembu and his commitment to his employees. She was particularly inspired by his “Zoho University,” which dovetailed with Lucy’s equalist views on giving everyone a chance.

Within 9 months of the trip to San Francisco, Lucy decided to focus on Zoho and cloud-based business systems entirely. In April 2014, Lucy was invited to Chennai with a select group of Zoho Global Partners. It was during this trip she was awarded the elite status of Zoho Certified Consultant and i-Dynamics became a Zoho Advanced Partner – one of only 20 companies awarded the status from a base of more than 500 partners globally.

As the company grew Lucy needed to recruit more staff but found the Shaftesbury location limiting. The lack of public transport and semi-rural location actively discouraged new employees, in particular recent graduates. Making the decision to move, and preferably to a city, Lucy chose Salisbury. However the company was too big for TEN offices and she did not want the rigidity of a long term lease. There was a total lack of flexible office accommodation to rent so Lucy resolved to create her own and bought her own premises with the intention of sub-letting the excess space.

Simultaneously she made the decision to move the cloud IT business to a new company. This was to facilitate a share structure that would allow her to give key employees a stake in the business – A2ZCloud was born.

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A2Z Cloud

Now with both companies in one building the vision is that i-Dynamics, trading as A2ZHouse, will become a smart, trendy serviced office space with ultra-fast internet connections offering a “business in a box”. Providing everything a small company needs from eMail, CRM, VOIP phone system and website, all integrated on one platform. As well as providing the actual office itself.

A2ZCloud has become a standalone cloud-based IT systems provider. Sponsoring a local charity – Lucy’s Days Out and the local Salisbury Hockey Club. The company have also recently employed a partially-sighted veteran sponsored by The Poppy Factory. Who is quickly becoming one of their most indispensable members of staff and supports their company culture of giving people a go.




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