Scheduler Calendar Application


Scheduler Calendar Application

Scheduler is a Calendar Application that helps to organise your resources to prevent double bookings, save time and improve efficiency.

The application was developed for Southern Tank Services but can be used in a number of settings. Want to lighten your load? Then you’ll benefit from Scheduler too…

Southern Tank Services

Scheduler was created for Southern Tank Services Ltd, a company that specialises in bunded tanks for domestic and commercial heating. They supply and deliver across the UK and Ireland from their base in Wiltshire.

To facilitate a number of drivers on the road at the same time Southern Tank Services needed a calendar that would block out the time that drivers are out on deliveries. Before the company approached A2ZCloud they were managing this information on a whiteboard and paper. Which was a time consuming process and often caused confusion. They came to A2ZCloud wanting to develop an app to store all of this information on a platform that was readily available for all employees, even from remote locations

Scheduler was designed to meet the needs of Southern Tank Services. If you have an idea for an application but don’t know where to start we can help: CLICK HERE.

Features of Scheduler

  • Organises resources
  • Prevents Double Booking
  • Easily accessible
  • Integrates with CRM
  • Saves Time
  • Accessible from remote locations

So what is Scheduler?

Scheduler is a resource orientated calendar application. To put it simply, Scheduler allows you to book events on the calendar and assign them to specific resources (e.g. people, vehicles, tools, etc). This functionality prevents double bookings of a resource being made and is one of the main features which makes Scheduler different to other calendar applications on the market.

Another useful feature which Scheduler offers is CRM integration- starting off with Zoho’s CRM. This integration means that resources and events on Scheduler can be kept in sync with those in the CRM and eradicates the need to make duplicate data entries in to the CRM. This also means that Scheduler will be auto updated by the CRM, if for example a change of address occurs.

With Scheduler we also are trying to limit the amount of form filling which is required for day to day use. We’re doing this by making it ‘drag and drop’ to create and manage books. In most cases the metadata that is needed about the booking is available from the CRM – so it can be automatically added to a booking e.g. contact details, addresses, etc…

Scheduler can be used by any business that needs to allocate resources. Such as: child minders, driving schools, community careers, supply teachers and many more.

The Future of scheduler:

Although Scheduler is already in use, we are working on extending it’s scope even further.

Here are some of our future plans for the app:

In the revised version of Scheduler we will be introducing WebSockets which will allow real time collaboration for the app. We are keen to implement this feature into Scheduler as it allows for multiple people editing and viewing the calendar at once and being able to see what others are doing live. It also means that changes that may occur on an integrated CRM will also automatically appear/update while you use the application. This is particularly powerful for the prevention of double bookings when more than one user is actively booking events on the same day.

Travel time is another key element that we would like to address using Scheduler. Currently we know which resources are where, but we will be extending this functionality by creating a feature that will know the distance and travel time to the next appointment. Allowing you to more accurately and appropriately plan your time.

Finally, we will bring Scheduler to mobile platforms so that it can be used natively on or through the web on iPhone and Android.

​Would Scheduler be useful for your business? Want to hear more? Get in touch today…

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