Become a Cloud Wizard with our bespoke Cloud Software User Workshops…

Our Workshops will get you from A to Z with ease.

At A2Z we pride ourselves on providing tailored cloud software training that educates you on your specific needs. We will begin the training process by establishing what it is that you feel the Cloud can do for you. We believe that it is important to clearly define your specifications so that we can create a system that is the best fit for you.

We will draw on our years of experience to help guide you through the process, advising you on what we have found to work in the past, whilst also adapting the process to your particular needs. We are here to collaborate with you, to take your vision and make it a reality, ensuring that your business runs more effectively as a result.

Our bespoke workshops cover a wide range of areas so you can get to grips with the systems for yourselves.

For further information please complete out our Training enquiry form and an experienced member of our team will be in touch to help you with your enquiry.

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Why choose A2Z?

We are experts in Cloud system deployment. We are both Zoho and Xero partners and work with an array of other modern, cost-effective technology platforms including: Dropbox, Google, RingCentral and WordPress just to name a few. We can advise you on how to use these systems and integrate them in to your current environment with ease. No matter how specific your needs may be, our specialists can tailor these technologies to your requirements. We can even write ‘mini apps’ which we can create in collaboration with you, ensuring that your specifications are always at the forefront.

Traditional design and development methods can be an expensive and time consuming. Thankfully, due to the versatility and advanced power of our products, we can produce cost-effective solutions which can be up and running in merely a matter of days.

Typical Workshop outline:

1. Identify the right technology for you- we will help you secure maximum value for money by discussing what you need- ensuring that money is not wasted on unwanted systems.

2. Identify the impact of systems such as CRM on your business- we will explore which areas the system will be used within your organisation in order to locate it’s primary purpose.

3. Help you allocate budget and resources- we will talk you through what is needed to deliver the systems you require and provide you with accurate pricing estimates.

4. Set out the requirements of the process at the start so that it is executed efficiently and you are aware of the cost from the onset.