ZOHO CRM 2016 #ReadyToSell

#ReadyToSell Zoho CRM 2016

ZOHO CRM 2016 #ReadyToSell

27th July saw Zoho’s biggest multichannel sales release… EVER. Including a cutting edge email client for salespeople, a marketplace for developers and end users to connect and that’s not all…

This new version of Zoho’s CRM is created with the sales process in mind. And has been specifically designed to ensure that multichannel sales are handled in real time. It acts as an extra colleague in the office, by dealing with emails the way a sales person would and assisting your business to break through the glass ceiling of sales.

So what actually, is it all about?

The integration is Awesome… With all new expanded multichannel support it is more integrated than any system on the market.

SalesInbox and SalesSignals make your sales processes slick and sophisticated. And are further enhanced by advanced features such as Page Layouts, Sandbox and new customization options.

Does it all sound too good to be true? Let us lay it out quickly and simply, in a whistle stop tour of its finest features.

On your marks, get set. #ReadyToSell:

1. Multichannel support for phone, email, live chat, social media, and in-person meetings.
2. SalesSignals give you real-time information about how customers and prospects engage with your business.
3. Zoho CRM now integrates with all of the most popular calendar apps (including iCal).
4. Gamescope allows you to embrace your competitive spirit and make selling fun!
5. More customizable Page Layouts, buttons, fields, and functions let you create your CRM, your way.
6. Try before you commit, test changes with Sandbox.
7. SalesInbox prioritizes your emails for you in descending order from the deals that matter most.
8. Send specified emails by segmenting your leads in CRM.
9. Connect all this with your favourite third-party apps and hold all your business processes in one place. With SaaS vendors, such as: MailChimp, SurveyMonkey, Zendesk, Eventbrite, Box,DocuSign, SignEasy, Webmerge and SMS-Magic.

Now you’re all set, what are you waiting for… with Zoho’s 2016 CRM it’s time to sell, sell, sell…. #ReadyToSell.

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