A2Z Cloud Dynamic Start

The A2ZCloud Dynamic Start™ CRM.

“Dynamic” ADJECTIVE – (of a process or system) characterized by constant change, activity, or progress.

“Dynamic” NOUN – A force that stimulates change or progress within a system or process.

Designed to be a rapid implementation of ZohoCRM, customised to meet your requirements our Dynamic Start™ approach is intended to provide you with a strong foundation on which you can build further automation and process management.

Building on the ready made functionality already provided by Zoho we tailor the system to match the “language” used in your business to get you up and running with your new CRM system in a matter of days.

As you may be aware Zoho is a platform of products that can be adopted on a modular basis, just switch on what you want when you want it, and easily turn it off again if its no longer required.

We believe best practice is to start with the “hub” – a CRM for holding and capturing all your data and helping you begin to categorise it. Correctly designed the CRM will then enable the nurturing of enquiries that come in until they choose to buy, and follow the customer right through their journey. This includes the management of support and issues that may arise, and follow on marketing to encourage them to buy more or additional products and services you may offer.

Once the “hub” is in place and in regular use, we can help you develop your system to support other activities such as integrated marketing, post order customer on boarding activities, and customer services at a rate and budget to suit you.

CRM sales cycle

CRM Automation – Be More Productive.

To get you up and running and trained on your Zoho CRM we will take you through the following steps

  • Define

  • Establish

  • Configure

  • Train

  • Documentation

  • Appt

  • Define

    • Your sales process
    • Required fields

  • Establish

    • User access roles and profiles
    • Permissions (read/write access to fields)

  • Configure

    • eMail integration (IMAP)
    • Web to lead form
    • Dashboards – graphical representation of whats going on in your business
    • Reports – click on demand & scheduled to your inbox at a time to suit you

  • Training

    • Relevant CRM administration functions
    • End users how to use the system

  • Documentation

    • On-line access to Quick Reference guides
    • Cheat sheets and FAQ

  • Appt-i-tude

    • Optional ongoing support and training at a rate to suit you and your budget
    • Discounted future services and further development


Starting with discovery session with one of our dedicated Zoho Certified Consultants we will get to know you and your business, your sales process and what makes a “good” enquiry or customer for your business. This helps us define the custom fields you need in the enquiry and prospecting stages and the steps you need to take before accepting an order from a client. Depending on your geographical location this step will be carried out face to face or online. Should you explicitly require a face to face meeting and are based more than 100 miles from Salisbury, additional travelling expenses may be incurred.

The objective of this stage is to create a graphical representation of your primary sales process and identify what information is critical at each stage to enable the enquiry to proceed to the next step. This includes getting into the detail of specific elements such as your enquiry channels, which may range from social media such Facebook and LinkedIn, to Amazon or eBay depending on the nature of your business.


Once we have the structure we need to know who will be using the system, and what their roles are in your process. We use this information to control what data individual users can see in the system and whether or not they are allowed to edit and delete information, or have access for information only. For example you may want a customer service executive to only be able to view the details of a current and most recent order and not to have detailed access to the historical life time value of a customer, which may be more appropriate to sales management needs only.


Having got the above we build your system. As part of this stage we will be looking for opportunities to help you be more productive by automating repetitive tasks aimed at shortening your sales cycle. The goal is to free up your sales team to focus on what they do best and ensure consistency and quality of messaging through the use of one click access to template emails and documents using content you provide to us. Studies from the Aberdeen group show that companies using sales automation see 53 percent higher conversion rates, and a 3.1 percent higher annualized growth rate than those that do not.

At this point we will import any data you have provided to us in the spreadsheet templates we will give you at the start of the project. You can save time by beginning to plan for the data migration step immediately. Start thinking where you hold the information now, how will you check for duplicates (mobile numbers and email addresses are a good place to start). Have you got mandatory information such as surnames. You can also usefully start checking emails – ideally we want real email addresses not info@xx or help@xx and so on.


Now you have a system with your data and are good to go. We will deliver the training online in a series of four one hour sessions at intervals to suit you. Alternatively you are welcome to visit our premises in Salisbury for training face to face, which is far more productive. We are happy to visit your site to carry out training provided you have suitable premises. Any onsite training will incur additional fees and we quote for this separately when we understand more about your specific training needs.

As with any new system or activity you need to learn to use it, and to keep using it the way its been designed to work. Don’t worry we are only a phone call, email or instant chat away if you get stuck, and we won’t charge you for the first month after you start using the system. Developing new habits takes practice, and we know as you start using the system you will identify changes you want to make, or new functionality that you want to use, and that’s where Appt-i-tude comes in.

Planning for the future.

There is so much more we can do with Zoho once the CRM “hub” is in place. Which way you go will depend totally on your priorities and the nature of your business, but here are a few suggestions.

icon-zoho-campaignsZoho Campaigns

The Zoho Campaigns add on helps you to plan, execute and monitor marketing campaigns in an organized way. For example mas email marketing. Some of the benefits of Campaigns is that you can plan, design, store and re-use marketing campaigns. You can measure campaign effectiveness by linking directly to leads and contacts in CRM to see who is opening and reading your campaign emails. Emails that arent opened can get suitably crafted follow ups, whereas those emails that are opened can get a different email to whet their appetite further. We can build a “scoring” model, so when there is suitable traction from a given contact you are prompted to take a specific action, for example to make a telephone call.

zoho-surveyZoho Surveys

Create surveys in minutes with Zoho Survey. Reach your audience on every device, in their own language. Creating a survey helps you ask questions in an organised way that is useful to making your product or service better. This method assists in collecting data to gather multiple insights from comprehensive reports. Answers to questions can be captured directly into nominated fields within the CRM system, which in turn can be used to kick off other actions.

icon-zoho-socialZoho Social

Getting to know what your leads/customers are interested in is important to helping drive sales. Today, one of the best ways to understand this is by following and keeping track of what they say on social media. Zoho Social currently works with five social networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Instagram. This integration is the key that connects the social interactions of your leads and customers with the data in your CRM. Monitor your company’s social pages, search relevant topics and engage with customers and prospects from within the Social tab.

icon-zoho-sales-iqVisitor Tracking

What adds value to an excellent website is: Knowing the actions performed by the visitors while on the website, identifying the web pages they are spending time in and analysing their navigation style and the time spent. How visitors behave on your website can sometimes be very useful. You can also offer help via instant chat and engage with them. If it is an existing customer, you can check their history. In the case of leads, you can know in advance the products they are interested in and be prepared to address their needs. Zoho Sales IQ gives you all this and more.

If you would like help signing up and configuring a Zoho Cloud software product, please get in touch with our dedicated team here at A2Z Cloud.