Zoho’s GAMESCOPE will help you get Gold

Gold medalist

Zoho’s GAMESCOPE will help you get Gold

Let the Games Commence:¬†Zoho’s GAMESCOPE will help you get Gold


On Sunday when Adam Peaty finished the men’s 100m breaststroke in a speedy 57.13 seconds, he not only claimed Team GB’s first Olympic Gold, but he also smashed the World Record. This astonishing young man was trained by Mel Marshal (2008 Beijing Olympic alumni). Peaty’s background is not one of wealth and ease, but he has achieved great things through hard work, determination and most importantly team work. If it wasn’t for the swimming club which supported him from the age of 14, the local community who threw BBQ’s and Christmas parties to help raise Petrol money for his parents to drive him the 40 minute trip to Derby to train twice a day, his grandma cheering him on from her front room as she watched him win gold on the telly, and his loving parents who would wake up at 4am to drive him daily to train, he would not be where he is today.

“Without the Support of his parents, Adam wouldn’t have got to Rio” Mel Marshal, Adam’s Coach.

Peaty’s story is so touching because it shows how someone from such an ordinary background can achieve something incredible, with the right team behind them. Team spirit is an inspiring, and sadly sometimes underrated commodity, especially in a company environment. As for winning, well that makes everyone feel great right? So what if you could incorporate both of these things in to your daily business activities?

We all know that winning comes about as a result of hard work. That in order to become an Olympic athlete you first need to dedicate hours of training. This also applies to your business. Sometimes closing a sale (which feels great) only comes about as a result of seemingly endless and tedious tasks. That’s why Zoho have invented Gamescope- by using gamification techniques, Zoho are turning gruesome tasks in to exhilarating games.

But how? Well this is where things get really exciting…

Points will be awarded according to progress which is made. This can be through the completion of tasks or activities, by closing tickets and deals or through resolving bugs. Each game will take place within a given time frame and is tracked on a scorecard. And the best bit is, the employees who score the most points will win trophies. Runners up can also collect badges for their efforts when an activity comes to an end or a target is met. For example, a ‘Taskmaster Badge’ can be collected by anyone who finishes 5 tasks in an hour. Badges and trophies can be displayed either on an individuals scorecard or on a users profile page– ensuring you get the appropriate accolade for all your hard work and to inspire a competitive spirit.

It’s a team game

However, the aim isn’t to make people feel as though they are being judged on the amount of work they are completing. And that’s why Gamescope operates without the boss’s over seeing eye. The aim is instead to create camaraderie and collective respect within the company. It also places each employee on an equal footing, letting the apprentice challenge the head of finance to a competition to see who can close the most deals in an hour.

Real time results

Just like Peaty’s grandma cheered him on from her front room in real-time when he won his gold. Your Gamescope scores will be updated live, creating an air of excitement in the office.

Play to your strengths

Each game can be configured to ensure that each player is evenly matched. This gives you the ability to specify how many points are awarded for a particular action, and what reward is won.

Where can we play?

Currently Gamescope is available in Zoho Projects and CRM, points can be scored with activities such as creating tasks, marking them complete, and adding and closing bugs.

The Future of Gamescope: The all-inclusive game

Zoho are working on extending Gamescope so that it covers each of Zoho’s applications. Meaning that it will be able to be played across all aspects of a business from HR, Sales, Marketing…. the future looks set to cover them all.

So what are you waiting for? Take your business to Gold status with Gamescope.

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