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A2Z Life 

Tune in for 5 minutes to catch up with the A2Z gossip and everything happening down at HQ. With an increased workforce, an appearance on BBC Radio Wiltshire and an exciting partnership with Zuper, our headquarters has been bustling, to say the least.

BBC Radio Wiltshire 

A2Z Cloud has been growing very fast, with our workforce doubling since January. The CEO, Lucy Beck was recently interviewed by the BBC as a series of programmes going out. Our first radio cast highlighted the effect that the Coronavirus had on our monthly revenue and how the Government’s small business grant helped Lucy take a bold step in growing the business, employing 10 people since the start of the pandemic. One of the beneficiaries of that bold move, Denis Denchev spoke about his struggle to find a job during the pandemic. Listen in below…

Dads in the office 

Recently, at the office, we’ve had the joy of 2 mascots, Teodor and Nel popping in. One of A2Z’s top values is our family-friendly culture. Our employees personal lives are important to us. Why?

2020 came with lots of uncertainty. These strange and challenging days have seen our family life, health, work and education system change dramatically through the course of the year. Many of us have found ourselves spending far more time than we’re used to with those who share our homes, whether family, housemates or both – not to mention pets.

Relationships with other people in our communities, especially our workplaces, have become increasingly important. Companies with a family-friendly culture are seeing higher employee engagement and stronger work ethics as workers feel more appreciation and compassion in the workplace.

“Unsurprisingly, it is extremely difficult to balance work and family life,” said Ola Danilina, CEO and Founder of the tech PR firm PMBC Group. “If your employees perceive you as understanding, they will be more likely to be more loyal workers, making up for any time they miss for family matter.”

Ed McConnell, a Project Coordinator at A2Z had a bundle of joy (Nel) join the McConnell clan back in June.

“Ed, how have you found adapting to family life while balancing your work life?”

“Balancing family life with work has been pretty straightforward. The biggest challenge I’ve experienced so far was at the start of the pandemic, during lockdown. My partner and I were both working from home with two young children round the house, which took time to adapt to. A2Z Cloud stands out from any other business I’ve worked for, with the correct business systems in place, I have the ability to open my laptop at home and have everything I need, in front of me, in seconds. Being a Dad, I enjoy having the option of working from home. However, having the added bonus of bringing Nel in when my partner has other commitments is extremely reassuring, especially seeing how the majority of other companies would not support this for fear of disrupting employees productivity levels.”

Thai Tuesdays 

Only a third of UK workers say they take a proper lunch break, with many citing workload, stress levels and workplace culture as barriers. We all spend a lot of time with work colleagues, so connecting with them can help build a stronger team. Talking with colleagues over lunch can be a good way to let off steam, problem solve a task and unwind before tackling the afternoon. You often find SMB businesses lack lunch facilities, whereas much larger organisations have the space, money and resources to provide this for employees.

Let’s remember that work can be a great place to meet friends and develop a social group, which is good for your social and mental health and well-being. At A2Z Cloud we often group together over lunches and after work, as a way to ensure employees have a support network of people when going through any of life’s challenges. This has proven more important during 2020’s bazaar times of isolation and restrictions, which has made keeping track of employees health and well-being a much harder task.

Sonia Batey, Project Coordinator at A2Z Cloud, has been with us for over a month and we asked her how her experience in the company has been so far.

“Wow, I have been at A2Z for over a month now! It’s great seeing a company that has grown significantly in such a short time to succeed and strive forwards. I have to say, I work with a talented bunch of people who astonish me with their knowledge everyday!

Onboarding was a fun challenge for a non-technical like me! Creating a work flow using CRM for a fictitious character called Ronald’s Antiques, who has quite a diverse business depending on whom you ask. However, as confused as I was while doing it, I now understand why this task is used to strengthen what you need to know going forward. In fact, the idea itself is genius.

Thai Tuesdays is a firm favourite in the office and I have loved seeing the team come together over food most days. This is a rarity in most companies so I have to say I am impressed with the foresight to acknowledge the need for a break, the team laughing and having what can only be described as the most bizarre conversations and the general fun banter.

Every day I add a new Zoho system to my repertoire and LOVE how they all feed together. So far, I have gone through CRM, Projects, Analytics, Workdrive, Meetings, Cliq, Writer, Connect, Desk, Vault and People to name just a few! I am looking forward to adding in more systems so I have a better understanding.

I am pleased to be getting to grips with my role as Project Coordinator, bit by bit I am piecing all the elements together. Bring on next month.”

Flexible Working 

Flexible working hours can be a great way of helping employees find a better work-life balance and as a result perform better at work. They are increasingly popular in the modern working place, yet is a value we’ve had in place at A2Z Cloud since launching in 2010.

Flexible working allows employees to work around obligations and responsibilities outside of their job, helping balance their work-life schedule better which ultimately reduces stress. A 2013 Gallup poll found 87% of workers, worldwide, are emotionally disconnected from their workplaces (a by product of stress) and are less likely to be productive.

The ability to remote work with A2Z Cloud has benefitted Katrina Cawsey, Business Analyst at A2Z Cloud. 

“I’m grateful for the opportunity and trust to work from home. My brother needed support after a knee operation. The compassion and understanding shown by colleagues has shown that A2Z is more than just a company, they are my family.”

Furthermore, according to a 2018 Zenefits survey, 73 percent of employees said flexible work arrangements increased their satisfaction at work. Job satisfaction is an essential component of employee recruitment and retention. It’s simple; the more employees are satisfied with their jobs, the more likely they are to stay with, or join, that employer. Which is why we give the option for our employees to work from home.

Work from anywhere.

Manage from everywhere. 

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