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Advance from Zoho Docs to Workdrive



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If you’ve been following the progress of the ever expanding Zoho universe you will have seen that as well as reaching the heady heights of 50 million users, they recently launched Zoho Workdrive. 

Workdrive is a huge advancement over its predecessor, Docs which was Zoho’s original document filing system released way back in 2007, when businesses were starting to go paperless and heading more towards online collaboration. 

Zoho WorkDrive is not only for online file storage though, with the ability to sync and collaborate, its Team Folders enable teams of any size to work together securely, no matter where they are based. As long as they have an internet connection anyway! Also included are the full Zoho Office Suite, Zoho Writer, Zoho Sheet and Zoho Show. You can even access everything on the move with Android and iOS mobile apps. 

Desktop syncing means you can get access when offline as well, perfect for those long train journeys with bad Wi-Fi! And with encryption and virus detection it won’t matter if the Wi-Fi you are able to get is not entirely secure. The additions of image processing and artificial intelligence may not mean much on paper, but once you start to use them you’ll wonder how you ever got by without them!

“Only the super admin of a Docs account can initiate migration. The super admin must migrate all users and their data themselves.”

Already got a Zoho Docs account?

The migration from Zoho Docs to WorkDrive is only applicable for teams and businesses with more than one user. Individual users can continue to use Docs until the WorkDrive app for individual users becomes available. Once completed, all Zoho applications that are currently connected to Docs for things like attachments, uploads and saving of files from the office suite, will no longer look there and will point to Workdrive instead.

First of all, you’ll need to get migration enabled by sending a request to support@zohoworkdrive.com from the super admin or from a team member with the super admin CC’d. Once enabled, the super admin will be able to see the WorkDrive Migration tab in their Admin Console. Can we get a ‘yay’ for the super admin!

Next, you might want to get your team to tidy up their own files. Much like asking teenagers to tidy their rooms, this will likely be met with apathy and maybe violence, but come on, you know it needs doing and now is the perfect opportunity! Here’s how:

1. Save a local copy of all the files in your Docs

2. Remove any files from here that you do not wish to keep

3. Any files or folders you do wish to keep, select the check box next to the file/folder

4. Select the ‘Migrate to Workdrive’ button

Note that this only needs to be done for their own files. Now there’s that extra responsibility they’ve been asking for!

And here’s why you’ll maybe want to outsource that part of the job. “Only the super admin of a Docs account can initiate migration. The super admin must migrate all users and their data themselves.” Ouch for the super admin?

Not really, the eventual migration will be much less painful. You’ll find full details here if you want to do it yourself. While A2Z Cloud can’t come and stand over your team while they tidy their files, we can help with the rest if needed. Just drop us a line!

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