We believe Zoho CRM is the utopia of CRM systems

Our Zoho CRM system will help to unite your team around the same internal practices, helping streamline customer relationships and the sales process, forging flexibility and growth in your business.

Not only can our Zoho CRM Consultants offer comprehensive support for any Zoho product you require right here in the UK. We also provide personalised, specialist, expert CRM training and implementation from our very own ZOHO Advanced Solutions Guru’s, who will guide you through the process every step of the way.

CRM defined:

Customer refers to your target market, and a CRM should be implemented within a business where the customers are buyers, users or purchasers of a product or a service, provided by a company, supplier or organisation.

Relationship refers to the interactions you have with your customers, which is aided by using various tools to enhance your communication.

Management refers to the way in which these interactions are organised.

Although the above is the official ‘break down’ of what CRM stands for, we believe that CRM means so much more. To us, the C stands for contact, communication, and most importantly cultivate. The contact refers to anyone, anything, and everything to your business, this is the first stage to implementing an effective business strategy. It is your responsiblity to then communicate with this contact in the appropriate way, be it through email marketing, social media posts or directly calling them. Finally, it is up to you to cultivate this contact, to nurture it, feed it, in order to help your business grow and keep growing.

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Benefits of a Zoho CRM System:

  • Cloud based (internet)- meaning you have access anywhere, anytime, on any device
  • Easy to set up
  • Intergrates with your Email server
  • Fully customisable (we can tailor it to your particular needs)
  • Intergrates with Zoho suite of apps eg: Zoho support, Zoho campaigns, Zoho books, Zoho invoice, Zoho mail just to name a few…

A suitable CRM system will help to cement your collective intelligence, and provide a strong foundation for you business. How? By introducing CRM to your daily work practice, you will see a continuous improvement in the quality of your data and processes, as a result, your services can only improve.

The application of a suitable CRM system will set your business up for long-term benefits, by placing digital at the core of your company you will be able to hold your market knowledge, your clients, your history and projects all in one place for a more productive approach to business.



A2Zcloud are certified Zoho CRM consultants. We would be happy to show you our online virtual demo, which can be quickly set up so you can view the products and features relevant to your business.

We can build you a bespoke CRM template ready to go out of the box to help you get up and running fast with a fully functional CRM system.