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Customer Portal for Zoho

These days a customer portal is a must for any business that has a relationship with its customers. Catalyst Connect’s Customer Portal Plugin for WordPress instantly transforms your static website into a fully-functional customer portal.

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Unbeatable Portal Features

Remote recruitment with Zoho Recruit

Customer Control

Customers can feel in control of their information and data.

Video Interviews with Zoho Recruit

Central Contact

Make it easy for customers to reach out to the business by bringing it all together

Multiple Listings with Zoho Recruit

One Home

Everything under one roof. Invoices, support, contact, documents and more!

Delight your customers with Zuper Field Service Management Software



Zoho Recruit Background checking

Historic Documents

Easily allow customers to download historic invoices and documents through the portal

Zoho Recruit Candidate Tracking

Progress Tracking

Customers will love being able to log onto the portal to get updates on deals.

No Code Needed

Catalyst Connect Customer Portal Plugin needs no coding skills. All drag and drop!

Zoho Recruit KPI Tracking



No coding skills needed here!

Catalyst Connect’s Customer Portal Plugin features an easy ‘drag and drop’ builder so that you can easily display the information that you want to your customers. With the simple ‘checkbox’ permissions – you can also decide what the user can do with those fields. View only, edit or update. 

Zoho Recruit Video Interviews

The Power of The Portal

These days, customers don’t want to call you up to do simple things. They want to have access to a portal on your website so that they can effortlessly go and update their details, find out the status of their order, download historic receipts and documents. And this is great news for businesses. Because if you give them the portal you’ll save loads of time that can be better spent on other areas of the business. 


Make A Home For Your Customers

Catalyst Connect Customer Portal

The world is changing – People have become very comfortable with the idea of ‘self-service’. Gone are the days of calling up companies, sitting on hold and speaking to someone in person to get or make updates. 

Catalyst Connect’s Customer Portal Plugin for WordPress will allow you to transform your site into a home for your customers. Catalyst Connect integrates your website with your Zoho systems to prove a seamless experience for your customers. 

Catalyst Connect fully supports the customer experience by providing:

  • Point A
  • Point B
  • Point C
  • Point D
Fully Remote Recruiting

Success Stories


For your first implementation, it’s probably very useful to use an expert like A2Z Cloud to get you up and running quickly. Even though that costs a bit of money, actually the return on investment is well worth it.

Being a smaller start-up business, we wanted to find a platform that didn’t just do CRM but had many different facets. Like the marketing side, the e-contract signing, and customer service.

You do need a trained skilled partner to help though.

Simon Black

Group CEO, Awaken Intelligence


To build, launch and roll out such an important system to ITV within 6-7 weeks is a fantastic achievement. Thank you to all the team involved at A2Z Cloud.

Rob O'brien

Head of Technology & Platforms, ITV PLC

ITV Logo


The lead Developer, Dash, was outstanding. We gave him a problem, and he’d solved it within a few days. We didn’t have to explain things twice.

Give Zoho Books and the A2ZCloud team serious consideration when you’re weighing up your IT options. There’s no need to overcomplicate things with larger, more complex systems if you’re a small to medium company.

Sharon MacDonald

Chief Operating Officer, Cambridge Education Group

Cambridge Education Group Logo

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