CRM the secret to Clinton’s 6 point steal?

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CRM the secret to Clinton’s 6 point steal?

Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump by 6 points nationally…

According to a new poll released last Wednesday by NBC News/ Wall Street. The poll stated that Clinton (Democrat) has 43 percent support among likely voters, while Trump (Republican) is at 37 percent.

So what is it that gives Clinton her cutting edge?

Over 50 percent of Clinton supporters say they are voting affirmatively for her. In contrast, 51 percent of Trump’s backers say their vote is primarily out of opposition to Clinton, and not because Trump particularly appeals to them.

How is Clinton triumphing over Trump?

Clinton, it appears, has a more complete grasp on how to manage the public. She treats her campaign like a complete sales process, ensuring that the customer’s (i.e. the voter’s) journey is smooth and well thought out from start to finish. Unlike Trump who is known for making abrupt and controversial remarks without taking the repercussions in to account. Clinton approaches her campaign with the same strategic approach as a customer relationship management system. Just like Clinton’s campaign, an effective CRM helps to market a business, attract new leads, nurture these leads and eventually create opportunities. This people centred approach is proven to increase sales, whether you are selling your politics, your personality or your products. We can learn from, and use Clinton’s approach within our own businesses, by implementing a CRM system that ensures that our customers are always at the heart of everything that we do. In your face sales are a thing of the past, customers now want to be nurtured from start to finish.

Don’t trample your consumers like Trump! Opt for the more considered Clinton approach…

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