CRM filtering the Fact from the Fiction

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CRM filtering the Fact from the Fiction

CRM systems often have a bad reputation. This is mainly due to the fact that people don’t really understand what they are used for or how they operate. Ironically, it has often been businesses themselves who were put off using a CRM. This came about as a result of being poorly educated on the systems. So within this article I wish to outline the fact from the fiction, and hopefully, help you understand the myriad benefits that CRM systems hold. This prejudice has changed since the beginning of the noughties and digitalisation has become commonplace. But still, it surprises me how many people use CRM’s on a daily basis but have no knowledge of what it really does and what its relevance is. People still see it as an added burden, just another time wasting activity that keeps them from doing their real job. And this my friend, is where they, you, whoever, is going wrong.

CRM is not only relevant to everything you do, it is the key ingredient, the crème de la crème, the core of your company.


Fiction: The main difficulty is finding the right software
The fact is, that although the software is of course an important element. It is not the most important. What is key about a CRM is that it works for you and does what you want it to. So the software is not the number one priority, the role you wish it to play within your business is.

Fiction: Licenses aren’t worth the cost
Fact, if you want to improve your business then they are worth their weight in gold. Yes a CRM project may seem like a daunting task when you sit back and calculate the cost. But have you ever actually evaluated how much time and therefore money, is wasted in your business every day by using lengthy manual processes or inadequate tools. Just take a minute to think about that. Short term a CRM my seem costly, long term it will save you more money and improve the efficiency of your business beyond belief- FACT.

Fiction: A CRM will make me more money
The fact is, a CRM is a key component to helping you run your business more efficiently-yes. But that doesn’t go to say that you can simply deploy a CRM, sit back and watch the cash roll in. Systems only work effectively if the people using them use them correctly. So the fact is, education is a vital element to any CRM success. And although the systems may be set in place, it is up to your staff to utilise them.

And so, a CRM is more than just a piece of software…

It is in FACT a state of mind.

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