crmplus-bundle-illustration2Zoho CRM Plus.

Zoho CRM Plus, now comes as a bundle of Zoho modules from CRM and Campaigns (eMail Marketing) to Reporting and Desk for support. However Zoho CRM Plus is so much more than a bundle of parts, it now connects the departments using each of the modules.
● Marketing who create the content and hopefully generate demand, to
● sales who handle the enquiries and convert the demand to sales.
● Then there’s the project teams who are responsible for post order delivery, and of course
● Customer Service who need to deal with all the queries that arise pre and post order.

The big issue…

Most businesses easily use between 5 and 7 disparate set of applications to run their business,

The problem is simple, the marketing department will work in isolation from customer support and will have no idea why customers call the help hotline. The training department creates content without any involvement from the documentation team. And the technical support team has no idea what the sales team are communicating to prospective customers.
More often than not the technology being used in these department is not integrated seamlessly then neither will the customer experience be, which results in silo’s of customer information and disjointed messaging by your staff to your customers, which ultimately means your marketing efforts are wasted and you are failing to capitalise on your efforts and more importantly the investment made in your products and your customers.
It’s not enough to draw prospects with flashy advertisements and attractive marketing materials. You have to continue to engage them by providing amazingly useful, relevant, and accurate content after they become customers. At every touch point. On every platform. Every time.
 To achieve this you need to break down the silos between departments. Sales, marketing, PR, technical documentation, support, and training can no longer operate in isolation from one another. They need to work together, and you need to be able to Analyse your data across all these departments easily to get a true perspective of your customer sentiment and behaviour.
Last year Zoho brought together a unified interface for CRM Plus which made a huge difference to the customer experience from a user p erspective by facilitating the passing of information between sales, support and marketing.
Zoho recently announced further enhancements which now allow you to better control your Customer Journey and the experience your customers will have when dealing with you.

Below are some of the new features:

1. Blueprint in Desk Support teams can build processes and ensure that customers get timely, consistent, and better solutions.

2. ZIA The Zoho intelligent Agent helps agents detect the tone of the customers message – happy or angry

3. Auto-tagging Zia automatically tags customer responses with keywords based on the ticket’s content, which are then intelligently grouped as autotags.

This also helps to know what the trending tags are and what customers sentiment is behind them.

Zia dashboard: The intelligent master dashboard that will help support teams view trending tags, ticket sentiments, anomalies and more.
Reply assistant: Zia automatically generates responses to customer questions by analyzing keywords and also suggests relevant help documents from the database. Support agents get to preview Zia’s answers and include them in their responses.
Chat bot: brings your help center directly into your website or mobile app. When users have a problem, they can browse through the knowledge base, post to the community, chat with an expert, or even raise a ticket. There’s no need to leave your website or mobile app.

4. Zia Voice for Desk

Zoho introduced Zia Voice in CRM early this year, and have now extendedthis to Desk to help support teams access contextual customer information easily through voice and chat messages. With this, Zia Voice can now helpbusinesses pull customer information across Sales, marketing and support.
​Zia Voice is now also available as an SDK, allowing businesses to provide Zia’sfunctionality to their customers. This means you can enable voice driven queries from mobile phones for example.

Our Zoho consultants can get you working together!

Zoho CRM Plus is a collection of integrated enterprise level modules purpose built to run an entire business. The collection of modules available from a single account.

This is an industry wide game changer .

Industry tried and tested Business Apps

Enterprise-level Features

Mobile, Native Apps & Extras Included

Centralised Administrative Control

One Invoice for Your Organisation

All-In-One Licensing Model

If you would like help signing up and configuring a Zoho Cloud software product, please get in touch with our dedicated team here at A2Z Cloud.

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