It’s Cyber Sec Month and Passwords are the key component

Cyber Sec Month 2016

It’s Cyber Sec Month and Passwords are the key component

Cyber Security is an issue that we are all concerned with and when talking about online activities, arises time, and time again.

October is European Cyber Security Month and is filled with a plethora of security focused activities. Including events, training sessions, tips, online quizzes and much more, spread over 27 countries. This year’s focus is: security in banking, cyber safety, cyber training and mobile malware. When researching these themes, I noticed that at the core lay one principle feature- passwords. Passwords hold the key in to every conceivable area of cyber security. And are therefore the first port of call when ensuring that your data is successfully protected.

Gone are the days of Moggy01, these days passwords are more complex than ever…

Although creating an obscure amalgamation of numbers and letters, or nonsensical words, is easy enough to do for one site. When each site requires a unique cryptic code it all becomes rather tricky to keep track of. And often leads to us committing a cardinal sin- writing them down!

This is where OAuth comes in to play.

OAuth is an open standard for authorization which allows internet users to log in to third party websites using their accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Google… but without exposing your password. Using such methods to access third party websites has become common practice. And so far seems to be a safe alternative to remembering yet another password.

Another reliable method is to use a password manager such as Lastpass. Which allows you to save all of your passwords in one place, secured by one (hopefully Fort Knox level) password. Not only does a password manager hold all of your passwords in one place, but it allows you to share passwords with colleagues without comprising your security. For more information on Passwords see our ‘Techy Talk: The Post-Password Era’ blog which gives a more expansive insight in to the importance of the precious P.

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