Develop an Appt-i-tude for business

Business facelift

Develop an Appt-i-tude for business

In the face of digital revolution, Apps are they only way to age actively…

‘Appt-i-tude for business’: a natural flare for business enhanced by the use of apps. The notion of working remotely has taken the business world by storm. Over the last five years, cloud, social and mobile have evolved the way in which we work. Each a catalyst for change in their own right, but together their impact is explosive.

Five years ago entrepreneur and soft-ware developer Mark Andreessen said that “Software is eating the world” (2011).

Now, we are all well and truly engulfed. Just as Jonah was swallowed in to the belly of the whale, the digital epidemic has swept us up without most of us even realising. The technical takeover has been subtle, yet contagious. Take yesterday for example, I took the train to work, buying my ticket from a self-service machine. During my break I brought my lunch via a self-service checkout. In the evening, I entered the gym with a swipe card and I even set up my weekend dinner date over a mobile app.

In business, it’s never trendy to look ten years younger…

This digital revolution has blurred the lines between work and life and all that lies between. Mobile smart phones and tablets mean that you are available on the go. Invoices can be checked from Inverness, and campaigns can be launched from your campsite. Although some of your may shudder at the thought of work permeating your home-life in this way. This mobile way of working is fundamental to staying relevant in todays ever-evolving environment. It is important that you understand that to be mobile isn’t just about using more devices, to be truly mobile you must embrace the movement. You must instil mobile working in to the ethos of your company, in to its culture, in to the fibers of its DNA.

Time for a facelift to future proof your business?

It may well be time for a makeover. A time to reflect on the way in which your company is currently operating, and to think about how a facelift could exploit potential business opportunities. That means reviewing operational processes from the top down. A business facelift, or redesign, isn’t about how many hours are logged in the office, it is all about productivity. It’s about leads that have been followed, campaigns that have been launched, targets that have been met and work that have been finished, finito, done. It’s time to wake up and shake up your systems. As an employer, it is your duty to ensure that your staff are made aware of what you require them to do, so their behaviours and productivity can be accurately measured. It is also up to you to motivate and reinforce these positive behaviours. This again begins with establishing a firm understanding of the end to end process, encompassing all third parties including the customer.

So what are the benefits of reaching mobile maturity?

Costs are reduced. By embracing the Cloud and working from a variety of integrated applications, staff can work collaboratively without commuting to a central location. Without the compulsive need for everybody to be in the office, hot desking can come in handy as it will reduce over all office space costs. Resulting in more pennies in the pocket of both you and your employee.
mobile apps


Minimsing travel will maximise the company’s green credentials. Going green will ensure that the youthful (may it be in mind or body) entrepreneurs are attracted to your sustainable business. Studies have shown that people are more inclined to work for a forward-thinking company which has a culture of flexible working and is in tune with their eco-ethics, so get ready to recruit some super-skilled staff.


People who enjoy work are happier to work harder. Fact. Taking a more flexible approach to work doesn’t mean scrimping on quality. Stress is the leading factor which effects people’s productivity at work. Be it stress placed upon them in the work place, or exterior pressures from home which cease to migrate out of the employee’s mind. Whatever reason it may be, by giving the employee control you are setting them up as chief of their own workload. You are showing them that you both trust and respect them, a feeling which will be equally reciprocated. With the cloud, you can constantly keep a beady eye on their productivity, without them feeling as though you are breathing down their neck. They are happy, you are happy and a harmonious balance is established.

Productivity is proven.

In a study by Nicholas Boom* and graduate student James Liang for the Harvard Business Review in 2014, they found that working from home correlated with a significant improvement in performance. Over a 9 month period, half of Liang’s employees for his Chinese travel website Ctrip worked from home. Those working from home completed 13.5% more calls than the staff in the office did- meaning that Ctrip got nearly an extra working day a week out of them. On top of this, he saved over £1,300 on furniture and space per employee for the 9 months. Sound appealing? The most effective way to work from home is to work on the cloud using a number of relevant applications.

Apps, the route to h-app-iness?

Okay, so maybe I’ve have taken the app analogy a little far. But apps really are something to get excited about, and they are the key to kick starting your mobile movement. Zoho provide a whole suite of applications that enable your business to stay connected. Each app integrates with the next, so your CRM and campaigns can be succinctly synchronized and measured by Zoho reports. Your accounts can be kept up-to-date through Zoho books, and you can collaborate with your co-workers via Zoho Docs. Apps are fast becoming a necessity for companies of any size to embrace, so don’t let it be you who is left behind. Complete our App-spiration enquiry form today: CLICK HERE

Stay relevant. Streamline your processes. And develop an app-titude for business.

*Nicholas (Nick) Bloom is a Professor of Economics at Stanford University, and a Co-Director of the Productivity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship program at the National Bureau of Economic Research.

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