Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

self driving business software

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Say goodbye to Spreadsheets…and hello to Self-Driving Business Software

ERP the modern day Eggs Head

Spreadsheets are giving way to the new trend of self-driving business software.
Business in the modern era is more intelligent than ever. It can produce zattabytes of data, which provide algorithms and historic insights for analysis. With this technology at your finger tips, why would you still use a spreadsheet?

ERP what does it make easy?

  • Efficiency
  • Integrated Information
  • Reporting
  • Customer Service
  • Security

Change can be daunting, but often needs to be embraced for the greater good. Just as we left our landlines and floppy disk drives behind, now too must we forgo the beloved spreadsheet in favour of more automated processes.

I will not waste time with explaining the many discrepancies associated with spreadsheets. After all, each of us who has used them knows them all too well. Instead, I will urge you to read this article with an open mind. And think about the many possibilities that ditching the spreadsheets could unleash.

The new era is all about Enterprise Resource Management software. It is pushing beyond its previous limitations and we are now faced with the post modern ERP. A ‘self driving’ ERP, with analytics at it’s core. To make the most of this modern ERP, we must challenge our approach to data collection. So what does this mean for data? There is now a sudden urgency to perfect data collection processes. Businesses need to maximise data collection and address how they capture difficult to access data. On top of this it is important to embrace automation and real time connections. CRM to ERP

And so, how useful is data if it sits singularly, alone on your spreadsheet? Integration is key. And you will find that data collection performed properly, will benefit your company beyond belief. To put is simply, spreadsheet software is on its way out. To stay relevant, you must throw away your spreadsheets, then email all of your colleagues, advise they do the same and embrace Enterprise Resource Planning systems.

What could ERP Software do for your business? Ask us today…

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