Our inspiration for being a responsible business….

Dame Steve Shirley

Our inspiration for being a responsible business….

Our Company’s ethical inspiration and why ZOHO is inspiring us

Zoho is an inspiration, because of the way that they cultivate their products with meticulous care. Ensuring that their systems are not just a quick fix, but they are built to feed the digital revolution. Future proofing any business that implements their software. We also admire the way the plan for the future of their company. Placing an emphasis on training as a key element to increasing their talent pool. Focusing on the work ethic of the individual, valuing hard work and persistence within their employees, as a recipe for creating successful products.

Zoho University inspirationWe respect the way that Zoho prioritise investing in the future of their people. In turn, investing in the future of their organisation. In 2005 they set up the Zoho University which provides a comprehensive training programme for talented high school students from Chennai India. Each student is given a high calibre education in Maths, English and Computer Science. Not only does this programme benefit the local community of Chennai, where the bulk of Zoho’s sales and support operations are carried out. But Zoho’s workforce is enhanced by the programme, because the graduates make up 15% of their engineers.

Their entire organisation, which covers six locations across the globe, run on the Zoho Suite, their products growing hand in hand with their company culture. They highly value team work and collaboration, and this is reflected in their suite of products which easily integrate in to one another. Making mobile and remote working easier than ever and narrowing the gap between you and your work colleagues no matter where you are.

In affiliation with:

The Poppy Factory

Lucy's Days Out

We drink our own Champagne

This has been the inspiration behind us running an authentic business too. This can be seen in our work practice, as we run our business entirely from cloud-based solutions. In our recruitment process as we believe in giving people a go and look for an individual’s potential. And finally in the way we do business. We are genuinely interested in providing a service that helps other businesses to help themselves, believing that SME’s can make an impact, they just need the software to facilitate this. And that’s what we provide, big company knowledge and software at SME prices.

Dame Steve Shirley inspirationAnother key inspiration of ours is Dame Stephanie Shirley. A child refugee turned business tycoon who has devoted her later life to philanthopy projects. Stephanie smashed her way through the ‘glass ceiling’ that suppressed many working women in the early 1960’s and set up her own business in 1962. She had previously adopted her family nickname ‘Steve’ to be taken seriously by her male counterparts. Stephanie strongly believed that women should not be held back by their family obligations. As a result she offered part time employment to those with dependents.

Managing Director Lucy Beck, inspired by this ideology wishes to emulate it in a modern business environment. By running her business 100% on the cloud, she can facilitate remote working for her staff and breaks the 9-5 mould. Lucy admires the way that Steve employed female staff at a time when women’s opportunities were limited. And so she aspires to, above all, employ staff who are committed to the company and believes in giving people a chance. This belief is what lead her to striking up an affiliation with The Poppy Factory, an employment charity for veterans with impairments or health conditions acquired during service.
White helmet inspiration
In 2014 she employed Ryan, a former white helmet instructor. Ryan had served in the armed forces for 14 years, and was deemed “unable to be gainfully employed” by the Military due to a severe back injury sustained at work. Although Ryan has since moved on, Lucy recently employed another veteran through The Poppy Factory. Our recent recruit, Anam, uses specialised equipment to overcome severe sight impairments. This facilitates him to work as a web developer within the business.

As a company, we are inspired by Stephanie’s philanthropy projects and her commitment to charities. At A2ZCloud we sponsor local charity Lucy’s Days Out. An organisation that helps families with severely ill children make memories, by providing them with special days out and experiences. Over the summer we are extending our support of this charity, as two of our employees are going to take part in a local Sky Diving fundraiser. The skydive will take place on the 18th September at Go Skydive. For more information on how to sponsor these brave beings visit our just giving page HERE.


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