Informed Training our chosen training providers

Informed Training our chosen training providers

Informed training helps to ensure that you and your team embed your process on the systems we create. With live case study interactive user adoption training.

Why we chose Informed Training

We have chosen to partner with Informed Training because like us, they are passionate about helping their clients make the most of their CRM technology. They help clients to automate their processes and reduce frustration caused by duplicate data. Which amongst other things helps you to save time. Informed Training can provide a high level complete end-to-end bespoke training. Which may take place on one day or as a progressive programme.  They also provide specific training on a particular elements of the process that you feel you require a deeper understanding of.

Training Breakdown:

  • Understand your business process
  • Carry out a thorough needs analysis
  • Document your business process
  • Recommend a Tailored Solution
  • Design a role based bespoke training agenda
  • Configure and implement the solution
  • Train users including role based live case studies in your live system
  • Feedback after the event and agree on the next steps
Eileen Murphy MD of Informed Training

Eileen Murphy MD of Informed Training

1. Understand your business:

Informed training take the time to understand how you market your business. This is to ensure that you are using your CRM to it’s full potential and you are managing your enquiries effectively. Starting at the initial enquiry and following your customer’s journey until the point of sale. They will then focus on understanding the way your business operates, and explore the processes you currently have in place. They use this information to link your existing systems to your CRM. At this stage they will take in to consideration how you manage your relationships with Prospects, Clients, Suppliers and Referrals… This is so they can customise your chosen system to effectively manage these relationships. Finally, they will show you how to capture the valuable data gained during the course of this process and how to generate reports which feed back in to your CRM. Giving you the tools you need to source the metrics required to improve your business.

2. Document your business process:

Effective documentation is essential for company-wide process automation. Processes need to be recorded in one place, not on an assortment of excel spread sheets, word documents, and emails. Informed training offer to document your business processes for you. As a result you will gain their business insight and a built in work flow within your system.  These work flows are agile an can evolve alongside your business.

3. Recommend a tailored solution:

Once Informed training have a full understanding of your business, they can advise you on the best solutions for growth. To help you to achieve your short, medium and long term goals.

4. Configure and Implement the Solution:

Informed training will work alongside A2ZCloud to customise your systems. This is to ensure that the systems reflect the business process requirements specific to your company.

5.Train users:

Informed Training will then create a bespoke interactive training for your “live system”. The training will be tailored to align with your business processes and will include agreed protocols and best practices. The purpose of this training is to educate and engage users, to ensure that the new CRM is confidently adopted and used to its full potential.


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