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It looks like your business would benefit from a Process Mapping Workshop. It’s great that you’re thinking about digital transformation for your business, but without a clear understanding of what your processes are, you run the risk of creating a system that doesn’t work for you. The way that your business works is unique and if you want to continue to work that way, but enjoy automation and the effencies afforded by business software, then we would recommend that you consider a Skore Workshop.


Key Features of a Skore Workshop 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Rapid Deployment Strategy?

Email providers have systems in place to try and prevent spam getting through – you have to take some steps to ensure that these mail servers know that your email is legitimate. Namely, setting up SPF and DKIM for your Zoho products. For more information on how to do this, you can visit: 

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We have a comprehensive set of terms and conditions that you can read.

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At A2Z Cloud, we have a Prompt Payment Policy.

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Case Studies

Businesses Like yours

PC World Discusses Zoho’s New Workplace

PC World Discusses Zoho’s New Workplace

There was a very interesting article published in PC world recently by Mark Hachman that looks at the new release of Zoho Workplace, their unified cloud workspace that brings all of Zoho’s ‘office apps’ together.

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Zoho Launch TeamInbox

Zoho Launch TeamInbox

As we continue to move into the “Pandemic era” Zoho are looking for more ways to empower remote team working and collaboration. Zoho TeamInbox is a mailbox solution that allows multiple people to manage a single mailbox seamlessly while making use of collaboration, task assignments and more.

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