The Scorecard Application


The Scorecard Application

The Scorecard App was designed for IFPL to help them score themselves against their competitors and improve their overall business strategy…

A2ZCloud on Metrics

At A2ZCloud we aim to deliver high quality, innovative, cloud-based solutions. That help our customer’s run their businesses more effectively. We know that being well informed about your business is the key to success. That’s why we aim to help companies acquire this knowledge by utilising effective metrics. These metrics are kept in the cloud so they are accessible for anyone, (who is granted access), in any location.

Scorecard Benefits:

  • Integrates with CRM
  • Live system
  • Automates process
  • Cross-department Access
  • Measures Competitors KPIs
  • Saves Time

Why Metrics Matter:

We place such a high importance on metrics, because metrics are used to drive improvements and help businesses to focus their people and resources on what’s important. Metrics should be used to measures all areas of an organisation. These areas include finance, marketing, sales and customer care, to name but a few. A company that prioritises metrics is taking action to improve the overall productivity and profitability of their business. Understanding metrics can indicate the priorities of the company and provide a window on performance and give a clear indication on which areas could be improved on.

With this idea in mind, we worked alongside IFPL to create Scorecard. An application that measures their company against its competitors. IFPL are award winning designer’s, innovator’s and manufacturer’s of passenger interface solutions to the global In-Flight Entertainment and Connectivity (IFEC) industry. They came to us, wanting to have the ability to rate their company against their competitors to assess their areas of weakness.

“Scorecard does everything, and is especially good for tracking what we have and haven’t done” David Thomas VP Business at IFPL.

“Scorecard provides all the information you’d get from a Millier Heiman blue sheet: copy plans, sales statistics, competitors strengths and weaknesses… but without relying on manual data-entry.”

Integrates with ANY CRM

The Scorecard App integrates with any CRM system and can be linked to an opportunity within your CRM module. Because all of the data feeds back to the CRM, any issues concerning multiple data is eradicated. Once you have chosen which companies you would like to rate yourself against, you can add requirements to score against such as delivery time or ease of purchasing. The benefit of using scorecard is that it can help you to recognise trends and highlight which areas of your business you need to focus on. Originally IFPL were capturing this data by hand. Which they were finding time-consuming and open to human error. By using Scorecard, the process is now automated which saves time. And it can be edited by multiple users at once, because it is a live product there isn’t even a need to refresh to access updates. Helping to improve continuity across departments.

Although Scorecard was developed for IFPL it can be used by any business that want to gain competitive advantage.
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For more information on what Scorecard can do for your business, please contact us.

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