Functional Finance

At A2Z we provide two Cloud (internet) systems to manage your finances and send out einvoices, Zoho Books and Xero. We can talk you through each of the systems and help you to find the one that is most suitable for you. Both Zoho and Xero run in the cloud, which means you can instantly contact your accountant and bookkeeper where ever you may be. Both systems allow you to add unlimited users (and you can control what they see), giving multi-users real-time access, allowing for you to work both collaboratively and remotely with your colleagues. With no software to install, everything is safe, secure and backed up automatically keeping all of your financial data up-to-date.

As Zoho and Xero approved partners, A2Z can provide a friendly, knowledgable expert to help you through every step of the process. They will provide helpful advice and ongoing training, to ensure you get the most out of your applications.

Cloud applications provide the silver lining for e-invoicing

Although our systems are capable of sending traditional e-invoices, we opt for a PDF approach to sending invoices. Even with e-invoicing, paper is prevalent, and you will find yourselves faced with delivery charges, process charges and technical charges. By sending invoices via the cloud, you can cut out all of these extraneous costs. The process is simple, the supplier just needs to send the invoice via PDF to the buyer, upon receipt the PDF will then convert in to an e-invoice structure. Within the data layers of a PDF document the invoice number, line quality and total are all imbedded. Meaning that none of the data is lost, yet the process is streamlined and more cost-effective.

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Zoho Books

The biggest benefit of Zoho Books is the fact that it so easily integrates with all of the other Zoho suite of apps such as: Zoho CRM, Zoho support, Zoho campaigns, Zoho invoice, Zoho mail just to name a few…

Other benefits of Zoho Books are:

Purchase orders Zoho Books allows you to make and send purchase orders to your vendors.

Create bills for the vendor Once the goods have been received, you can create an open bill for your goods and your stock level is automatically increased.

Credit Notes for returns From time to time, customers may return a part of the shipped goods for reasons such as wrong specification, damage or excess quantity. Books allows you to compile credit notes for occasions such as these.

Send sales orders This feature enables you to create and send sales orders for goods that are ready to be shipped. You can confirm the shipment and keep your production team updated. You can also create a purchase order from sales orders when required.

Deliver invoices to your customers Once your sales order is confirmed, you can easily convert it into an invoice with a click of a button.

Replenish stock Zoho Books will help you keep your stock levels high by notifying you well before your stock level goes below a set minimum. You can set the re-order level and even select your preferred vendor for buying when your stock touches the re-order point.


Accelerate growth and profits with multi-channel retail engine, Brightpearl

If you sell products via a website and/or Amazon or Ebay, Brightpearl is the online solution that allows you to manage your orders, inventory, accounting, customer data and reporting together in one place.


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