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The Background:

IFPL are award winning manufacturers of passenger interface solutions in the global In-Flight Entertainment and Connectivity (IFEC) industry. Founded in 1996 by Geoff Underwood they are now the largest portfolio of proven IFEC products and services in the sector. And pride themselves on enhancing passenger experiences for the world’s leading IFEC airlines.

The Challenges:

IFPL wanted to improve the visibility of their sales pipeline. Provide more accurate revenue forecasts. Give staff access to data from remote locations. And improve task management and reporting so they can strategically plan sales processes. A2Z Cloud worked with the team to develop an application called Scorecard to align their business activities to this vision.

  • Lack of Cloud-based solutions
  • Out of date Software
  • Un customisable apps
  • Mobile Access
  • Lack of support from ACT!
  • Time consuming processes

The Solution:

Already aware of the ZOHO platform and attracted to its capability and reasonable pricing, IFPL approached A2Z Cloud to help them customise features for their specific business needs. A2Z Cloud worked with IFPL’s Vice President of Business Development to develop ‘Scorecard’, a strategic planning and management application.

Designed to align business activities to the vision and strategy of the organisation. Improve internal and external communications, and monitor organisation performance against metric-driven goals.

David Thomas, IFPL

David Thomas

David Thomas VP of Business Development described this process as “a positive experience, the staff were reactive and made quick changes”. He went on to explain how;

“Scorecard does everything, and is especially good for tracking what we have and haven’t done”.

 A2Z Cloud also installed the ZOHO CRM system for IFPL for the management of enquiries, contacts and potentials.

Previously the company were using ACT! CRM which was time consuming due to manual data keying and was not accessible for staff on the move.

The ZOHO CRM “helps us to be more organised and diligent in our sales processes because it provides everything we need in an easy to use and accessible way” (David Thomas).

This has helped the company to overcome previous challenges they faced with data accessibility and visibility of their sales pipeline.

The Future:

IFPL now have a customised Scorecard application to streamline their sales processes. They are particularly pleased with this application and are keen to follow the progression of Scorecard and how it can be applied to other businesses. Their cloud-based ZOHO CRM provides all of their contact’s information in one place. Which has developed their working culture as they can now access information from remote locations, on any device. Providing them with an over all more modern, up-to-date and automated working culture within their company.

“Scorecard provides all the information you’d get from a Millier Heiman blue sheet: copy plans, sales statistics, competitors strengths and weaknesses… but without relying on manual data-entry.”

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