SWBOYA 2016 Finalist


South West Business Of the Year Awards 2016


We could not be prouder of our Director Lucy Beck for being selected as a finalist for the Enterprise Network Enterprising Women in Business Award. The criteria for the award was that the candidate needed to be an exceptional woman who had made a real difference in business over the past 12 months. Considering A2ZCloud was only established in January of this year, we were thrilled that our company was already being recognised as a contender on the Salisbury circuit. Lucy has run her own businesses in the past, more recently i-Dynamics which was set up in 2010 which has grown and evolved in to A2ZCloud. Although a new company, it is not surprising that the judges were attracted to the way the company is run,

as the ethos of the company is deeply rooted in inspiring and motivating others.

This is reflected by Lucy’s decision to rebrand i-Dynamics as A2ZCloud, as a key factor to this evolution was that Lucy wanted to allow there to be a share structure within the business. Meaning that key employees could have a stake in the company.

This was a highly motivating leadership decision as it gives the staff a sense of ownership and creates a unified team.

The judges specified that they were looking for entrepreneurialism and creativity in their final candidates, which Lucy has by the bucket load. And she constantly surprises and inspires her team by her ability to think outside the box. Evidence for this can be seen in the way that Lucy facilitated her companies move to Salisbury. Previously based in Shaftesbury, Dorset, Lucy decided to move her company to Salisbury to utilise the better transportation links and appeal to the younger working population in the city. Once the decision was made Lucy was faced with the challenge of her company being too big for TEN offices, yet did not want to commit to a long term lease. After exploring her options, Lucy knew that the only way she would be able to get the premises she wanted in Salisbury, was to make her own. She is now the landlord of 24 Milford Street and sub-lets the excess offices.

This is just one example as to how Lucy continuously uses her creativity to overcome problems that arise within the business.

Because the company is Lucy’s own creation, she highly values integrity in her staff. Lucy believes in having faith in people and giving them a chance. And above all, considers ‘team fit’ to be the most important characteristic when employing new staff. This is due to the share structure of the business, as each team member takes responsibility for their particular area of expertise. This faith that Lucy has in her staff has a positive impact on the business as a whole, after all,

current American psychological research studies have shown that a happy workers, work harder. Which has been validated by research in to the concept of work engagement and the effects that working environments have on employees levels of stress.

Lucy also has the humility to realise that although she is the director of the company, one person cannot know it all. And when the company faces problems, she ensures that the whole team have a chance to input their ideas so that they come up with a solution together.

Although the award is called Enterprising Women of the year, by having our Director recognised as a strong and ambitious leader within Salisbury, it has emphasised the impact that our company as a whole has already had on Salisbury in the last 6 months. To have achieved so much in such a short space of time is such an honour and we are already excited to show the great city of Salisbury how much we have progressed by awards time next year. The South West Business of the Year Awards was a really fantastic event and we are so grateful to have been involved, and honoured to be selected as a finalist. It’s now time to get back to work and hopefully by 2017 we will be set for a win.

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