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CONSENTUA captures the consent from a user via a unique user interface. Which provides the proof statement for the data controller/processor to have access to the users personal data. This then allows an organisation to query what consents have been granted by what set of users. Which is a great report for marketing, and get out of jail report for the DPO and legal team.

The API enables you, as a citizen, to have the choice and control over the sharing of your personal data and that the organisation requesting your personal data did so in a transparent and trustful way.

All business process complexity can be broken down into smaller and smaller chunks to make it easier to understand. Skore helps organisations reduce the cost and the risks of digital transformation, systems implementation and automation whether you’re implementing CRM, ERP, RPA, low-code or any other technology.

The Skore platform works by building in the knowledge and experience from hundreds of experts (The collective) across thousands of programs into a single toolset, which is ideal for change and transformation practitioners  implementing new technology, and secure business success.