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Where Does Zoho Store Your Data? 




Where your data is stored has become a really important topic, especially when dealing with GDPR and the uncertainty of Brexit – for most businesses operating out of the UK, to ensure that we’re being compliant, we need to be sure that our data is held somewhere that complies with these GDPR Regulations.

Even in the post Brexit world – the UK is planning to follow with the previously implemented GDPR regulations. 

So naturally, a lot of people have started to wonder “Where does Zoho Store Your Data?”

Zoho Data Centers


Here is a table that outlines where Zoho Data Canters can be found and the corresponding domain that relates to them.

For instance, those people who access Zoho via the .eu domain will be on the European Data

  • United States of America
    • zoho.com – Quincy, Central Washington, US
    • zoho.com – Dallas, US
  • European Union
    • zoho.eu – Amsterdam, Netherlands
    • zoho.eu – Dublin, Ireland
  • India
    • zoho.in – Chennai, India
    • zoho.in – Mumbai, India
  • Australia
    • zoho.com.au – Sydney, Australia
    • zoho.com.au – Melbourne, Australia
  • China
    • Shanghai

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Further to these data centres, Zoho have also said that they want to have them in ‘every geography’, including Japan and other countries.


Zoho Data Security

In this world of data-leaks and large tech companies like Facebook dropping the ball, it’s natural for businesses to consider how safe their data is. Zoho also take this task very seriously and employ a wide range of security measures.

Physical Security

Zoho’s servers are located in highly secure data centres that have multiple levels of restrictions for access including security guards, cameras, biometric access and no signage to indicate where the builds are – and that’s not even mentioning things like bullet-proof glass and earthquake ratings. 

Software & Hardware

Zoho are technical experts and they use state of the art security measures and firewalls to provide protection on multiple levels to mitigate the possibility of outside attacks. They deploy a wide range of anti-virus software and scan all access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for suspicious , traffic, viruses and internal attacks. 


Few staff have access to either the physical or logical levels of Zoho’s infrastrucutre. Data is secure from inside access. Zoho performs regular vulnerability testing and is constantly enhancing its security. Data is backed up on multiple servers in multiple locations on a daily basis. In a worst case scenario, data can be restored fromwith minimal disruption.

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