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Zoho Canvas Builder

Zoho are set to create a revolution as they release ‘Canvas Builder’ – a full featured CRM design studio that allows users to create stunning layouts for Zoho CRM records.

Data Meets Design

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Easy Design Interface

Canvas Builder has a drag and drop interface and makes it super easy to create your perfect look through sliders and colour pickers.

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No Code Required

With Canvas Builder, you don’t need to know any HTML, CSS or Javascript. The builder handles everything for you so you can focus on design

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Dynamic Views

What data is important varies from role to role. Canvas Builder allows you to create multiple views that change depending on role.

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Design Gallery

Get inspiration or a head start on your build by picking professional pre-made styles directly from the gallery with just a couple of clicks and customise it as you like

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Just The Right Data

With Canvas Builder you can completely customise the look and feel of any record. Data doesn’t have to be boring. 

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Conditional Formatting

With conditional formatting, you can use design to highlight meaningful information such as new leads or required fields.

Improve Productivity

When everything is right where you want it and the system is a joy to look at and a joy to use, productivity improves!

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Improved Adoption

Bad design, will ruin CRM adoption. Canvas builder allows for mindful and usable designs that sales people will love using.

You ‘aint ever seen CRM like this before

Create the perfect experience with Canvas Builder

By allowing you to create custom designs for your users, you can deliver the perfect user experience for your unique users – perfectly designed to support the way they work.

Give them the information they need at their fingertips. Remove anything that they’re not interested in. Flag important parts of the process with conditional design elements – you can do anything with Canvas Builder – Zoho’s CRM Design Studio.


  • Improved user adoption of the CRM
  • Faster and more efficient use
  • Bespoke Designs for different roles or departments
  • Simple drag and drop builder to rapidly create designs
  • No coding skills required to create views
Fully Remote Recruiting

No coding skills needed here!

With a powerful drag and drop interface that allows you to completely customise the look and feel of a range of built-in elements, Zoho Canvas Builder makes it easy for business users to get hands-on and create stunning layouts, regardless of their role or coding skills.

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A Certified Zoho Canvas Designer

Zoho Canvas Builder is designed to allow business users to develop their ideas into stunning CRM visuals.

But in the hands of an experienced designer, Zoho Canvas Builder offers a highly powerful CRM Design tool that allows for even more customisation through custom CSS and HTML.

A Certified Canvas Designer is able to quickly create bespoke designs that can beautifully display the right data to the right people – an experience that can easily rival any quality website or modern CMS. 


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