Zoho Support & Training

At A2Z Cloud we are out-and-out Zoho Certified Zoholics! We are uniquely placed to offer dedicated Zoho Support and product training… and more besides!

At A2ZCloud we can boast that we are one of only a handful of Zoho Certified Consultants in the UK. That means if you have a question or need help fast, the chances are we know exactly what you are trying to do. In fact, we cover every aspect of Zoho implementation and support for any kind of business, large or small.

How our Certified Zoho Consultants can help you…

  • System analysis and requirements capture
  • Design and implementation
  • Data migration
  • System configuration
  • User training
  • On-going support from the UK
  • Conversion services from other CRM’s
  • Integration with other systems
  • API and APP development
  • Business intelligence/analytics

Training can be delivered online or on-site.

Whilst training can be delivered virtually with our screen sharing facility, the fact is users can rarely cope with this method of delivery for much more than 1 hour at a time. Without doubt face to face training delivered on-site at your premises has the best results for your team of Zoho users.

All sessions are delivered by qualified professional trainers and are tailored to your CRM implementation thus ensuring we are proficient in helping you get the most from our time together.

We are uniquely placed to offer dedicated Zoho Support and product training…and more besides!

We have a dedicated Zoho Support Portal where you can raise any Zoho related issues you may have, or questions you need answering about your Zoho product. Think of us as another member of your team on hand to assist you whenever you need us.

If you don’t yet hold an account with A2Z Cloud Support, please call us for help 01722 480 300.

We aim to respond to all Zoho customer enquiries within 24 hours.

We are as Good as We Say We Are… But Don’t Just Take Our Word For it.

What We Do & How We Do It

Process and Requirements Capture:

Fact – to be successful, you need your users to use the system. That means your Zoho system needs make their working lives easier. As a result managers get reports, graphical dashboards, alerts and KPIs while the entire organisation realises the benefits of automation. We recommend that every project starts with a workshop during which we aim to help you gain insight into your needs, and build consensus on the business objectives for your Zoho system. By running a workshop, you get a sense of what is important to stakeholders and users. There is no right or wrong way to do something, but ultimately you need to find what is going to work for your team. At A2Z Cloud we believe if we can get you to see the problem in the form of a process map or document, it becomes much easier to see how the solution can be configured.

Design & Implementation:

At A2Z Cloud we have a flexible delivery model to meet your needs. This covers everything from customising fields, configuring security based on Zoho roles and profiles, to making sure the reports enable management to measure, track, and report on key metrics, allowing them to make the right decisions to grow the company.

Choose the Approach that Suits You:

A2Z Cloud work as part of your team, so once deployed your staff fully understand how and why Zoho was configured in a particular way. A2Z Cloud operate in a supporting mode so your team do the work but we guide you using our in-depth experience and knowledge of the Zoho platform. A2Z Cloud take 100% responsibility for the delivery, with input from your team at predefined milestones to ensure we are delivering against your expectations. None of the above suit? We are open to suggestions so don’t be shy – share your idea!

Data Migration:

Cleansing and maintenance: We’ll help you move data from your previous system(s) into Zoho. Also, over time, it’s easy to let a system become “messy”. A2Z Cloud can help you put the processes in place to ensure your data starts clean and continues to stay that way.

On-going Support from the UK:

We offer a wide range of support packages to suit all needs and budgets. Please contact the A2Z Cloud team for further information.

System Configuration:

This is a good example of where we can save you a great deal of time. Let us do the work to determine if you require a custom field or not, whether it should be a look-up or text area field, a picklist or multi-picklist field, etc. We design the system with your processes and users in mind as well as your business intelligence and reporting requirements.

System & User Training:

Our Zoho training includes so much more than just training sessions. Every CRM is different so we start off with evaluating and documenting your current processes. This is necessary before launching into the training. When we’re ready to deliver our expert help – usually in person to start with, we will arrange a training day with your key users, at a location to suit you. This can be followed up with bite-sized regular training sessions delivered live online. We can also offer one-on-one calls to support employees who need individualised attention. The result is your team comes away with the knowledge necessary to optimise their use of your Zoho system.

CRM Healthcheck:

A2Z Cloud can help you evaluate the effectiveness and performance of your existing CRM, regardless of the CRM system you use. Or if you are not already using an automated application, we can offer you free advice on the best way to move your business processes forward. Get your free Healthcheck today!

Migration services from other CRMs:

We can help you to smoothly migrate from another CRM system to Zoho with minimal disruption to your business. Please contact the A2Z Cloud team for further information.

Integration with Other Systems:

To give you examples of the level of development we get involved with, we are currently developing our own integration to GoCardless.com, Xero – the accountancy package, Sign-Up.to the UK’s leading marketing automation platform and Synety for VOIP. Please contact the A2Z Cloud team to see how we can help develop and integrate a system that works for your specific back end system.

Business Intelligence/Analytics:

What good is a system if you don’t know how to report from it? We’ll help you convert all that data into reports and dashboards that form meaningful business intelligence to help you make informed decisions. If you know what your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are we can build them into dynamic dashboards that allow a quick and central point of reference – visible to those with appropriate permission. If you don’t know what your KPIs are perhaps we can help you work them out?

If you would like help signing up and configuring a Zoho Cloud software product, please get in touch with our dedicated team here at A2Z Cloud.