How to avoid email marketing mistakes with Zoho Marketing Automation?

by | Apr 24, 2023 | Marketing Automation

Did you know the first-ever email marketing campaign was devised 40+ years ago? Yes! In 1978 Mr Garry Thuerk sent 400 emails through Arpanet, Garry was marketing DEC Machines and was able to generate a whooping sales of around $13 million.

Such is the beauty of email marketing – it lets businesses stay connected with their existing and potential customers. In this article, we are going to understand the importance of email marketing and how we can avoid common email marketing mistakes by using Zoho Marketing Automation.

About email marketing

Email marketing is a digital marketing strategy that involves sending commercial messages, advertisements or promotional materials to a group of subscribers via email. The goals of email marketing can be to build relationships with potential or current customers, boost brand awareness, increase sales and drive traffic to a website.

There are several types of email marketing campaigns that businesses can use to engage with their target audience and build brand loyalty. One of the most common types is the welcome email, which is sent to new subscribers to introduce them to the brand. Brand storyteller emails are sent to create an emotional connection with the subscribers. Lead nurturing emails are another popular type of email campaign that are sent to educate and inform subscribers about the benefits of a product or service. Sponsorship emails are often used to promote a partnership or collaboration with another brand, while transactional emails provide important information about a purchase or transaction.

Despite the wide range of email marketing campaigns that businesses can employ, they can often fall prey to the same common mistakes. Let’s take a look at some of the common email marketing mistakes:

We all know how email marketing is beneficial for businesses to grow, however, if you are sending boring and irrelevant emails to your customers it can derail your email marketing campaign. Given below are the most common email marketing mistakes which a marketer should avoid:


  1. Trying to sell too hard
  2. Email not optimised for mobile
  3. Keeping a check on the sender’s reputation
  4. Targeting the wrong customer segment
  5. Absence of Call To Action
  6. Neglecting GDPR Considerations
  7. Not using analytics
  8. Unattractive subject lines
  9. Lots of Images
  10. Sending emails at inappropriate times.
  11. Not sending a personalised email message.
  12. Delayed welcome emails

How Zoho Marketing Automation can help avoid email marketing mistakes?

Here we share some of the useful insights on how Zoho Marketing Tools can help you avoid email marketing mistakes:


1.   Customer Segmentation

With Zoho Marketing Automation, you can divide your email list on the basis of interests, demographics, past communications and behaviour. Segmenting customers helps you design specific content based on the interests and likes of the targeted individuals, reducing the chances of your email landing in the spam folder.


2.   Email Personalisation

Zoho Marketing Automation helps you  write a perfectly well-directed email to your potential customers with a view to increasing the number of leads.


3.   A/B Testing

Zoho Marketing Automation helps you with A/B testing of emails. It helps you compare the performance of two different versions of an email campaign. By testing different elements such as subject lines, call to action, preview text, the length of your emails and images, you can identify which version performs better and use this information to improve future email campaigns.


4.   Automated Workflows

Whenever a website visitor signs up for a newsletter or makes a purchase, the Zoho automated workflow system triggers a specific set of emails based on the action. This automation helps the subscribers receive timely confirmations and relevant emails reducing the chances of sending outdated emails.


5.   Delivery of Emails

Zoho Marketing Automation offers a variety of tools such as email authentication and monitoring and spam filters to improve the deliverability of emails to the recipient. These tools assist in ensuring that emails are delivered directly to the recipient’s inbox, preventing them from being labelled as spam or obstructed by the recipient’s email provider.

Zoho Marketing Automation solution offers a range of tools and features to help businesses avoid email marketing errors and improve overall marketing campaigns. With the help of these features, businesses can stay away from email marketing mistakes and create engaging emails that can drive results.

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