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Zuper is an award winning operating system for field and remote workforce management. With Zuper you can effortlessly and intelligently manage your workforce so that your customers receive responsive, Uber-like service.

Zuper Software

What Zuper can do for
your business

Zuper is a cutting-edge cloud field service management software, leveraging modern advanced technology to enhance the efficiency of your business operations. Zuper’s technology can save an average of three hours per day per technician and result in a remarkable 25% increase in team utilisation.

Designed specifically for field service and digital scheduling, Zuper is your go-to choice to prevent double bookings and eliminate inefficient technician dispatching.

As a trusted field service management software in the UK, Zuper goes beyond just optimisation; it also offers valuable data and insights that can propel your business growth. Embrace the power of Zuper to streamline your operations and unlock the full potential of your field service management.

Why choose A2Z Cloud as your Zuper partner?

As Zuper’s exclusive partners in the UK, we bring a wealth of expertise in cloud technology and a proven track record for delivering excellence in customer experience. Our team of tech experts is uniquely positioned to assist you in the transformation of your business operations with Zuper, a cutting-edge cloud field management software. Together, we can supercharge your business to new heights of efficiency.

The key benefits of Zuper

For a connected customer experience, Zuper enables:

Live GPS tracking of technicians and service workers

Automated ETA alerts sent to customers

Reviews and on-demand experience

By integrating Zuper, your business will benefit from:


Streamlined work order management


Smart scheduling and dispatch for field teams


Real-time field insights to monitor and boost team performance


Quick estimates and invoicing


Remote leave and absence management


Real-time field insights to monitor and boost team performance

The benefits of using Zuper graphic

Zuper can transform operations for all kinds of service businesses.

Zuper is a versatile solution that can revolutionise operations for a wide range of service businesses. Whether you’re in landscaping, plumbing services, electrical work, or solar panel installations, integrating Zuper into your workflow guarantees that your business will experience the advantages of the world’s first connected field service management platform. Trust Zuper as your go-to field management software to optimise and streamline your operations, regardless of your industry.

Unpacking Zuper’s features

Obtain real-time
location tracking

The real-time location intelligence of the Zuper app will improve your business’ productivity through efficient dispatching, automated workflows and smart customer notifications.

time location tracking feature in Zuper
Smart scheduling - Zuper field service management software feature

Track job progress at every stage

Zuper’s GPS live location tracking and smart scheduling allow you to follow your field team during business hours and efficiently dispatch them for the jobs nearest to their location.

important assets

Zuper’s sophisticated geofencing technology allows technicians to quickly identify the exact locations for assets such as solar panels or wind turbines.

Geofencing - Zuper field service management software
Control The Constraints To Improve Efficiency with Zuper

Control the constraints to improve efficiency

Set parameters on time and distance and also optimise your field team’s route on demand from the field in just a few clicks.

Remote task updates

Once tasks have been completed, technicians can update job tasks remotely from their tablets or mobiles. The updates can automatically sync with your central system.
Remote Task Updates with Zuper

Customer satisfaction from an Uber-like experience.

Customers can browse, choose and book service visits in a few easy steps. Once booked, customers will not have to make the effort of contacting the technician to obtain their location and ETA. Instead, Zuper will send automated ETA notifications to customers with booked visits.

You can also view all your customer interactions in one place – from the initial enquiry and quote through to scheduling visits and feedback.

With Zuper, you can offer the very best experience for your customers. Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty through seamless field service team-customer collaboration.

Customer satisfaction graphic - Zuper

Get more from Zuper

Customised to your needs

You can easily customise Zuper to meet your individual customer needs. Automate basic tasks with Zuper’s in-built Workflow Engine. This no-code interface enables you to build workflows in no time.

Customer curated reviews

Boost your trust rating and organic rankings by allowing customers to write their own reviews before you moderate them.

A huge range of integrations

Zuper works with the tools you use to run your business – such as accounting, HR, CRM and payroll software. This software integrates easily with Zoho, HubSpot, Salesforce, Slack, Zendesk and many other products.

Analytics and reports dashboard

Receive the most recent stats on every aspect of your online store and gain insights on how your products are performing.

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