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Meet the team

Behind every successful brand, there are unique individuals. Meet the team behind A2Z Cloud – a group of talented and innovative techies who constantly push the boundaries to deliver the best possible outcomes for clients.

We take pride in our people and their dedication to excellence.

We are forward thinkers|software explorers|solution builders|tech enthusiasts|a diverse bunch|business engineers

Doug Morgan

Systems Architect

Paul Whitelock

Senior Sales Executive

Buket Stallard

Operations Team Leader

Tega Oghoro

Business Engineer

Hydin Jacob

Systems Admin

Becky Cowlan

Marketing Executive

Jacqui Poyntz

Client Engagement Specialist

Dash Bunyan

Head of Innovation

Helen Parker

People & Culture Manager

Sofie Johanesson

Innovation Coordinator

Jake Holland

Technical Business Engineer

Jessica Sim

Finance Assistant

Mohammad Khawar

Business Engineer

Sonia Batey

Head of Operations

Lucy Beck


Katrina Edworthy

Customer Care Engineer

Meet our International Team

A2Z Cloud International Team in Global Map

Daniel Maran

Business Engineer

Chennai, India

Sam Prabhu

Business Engineer

Chennai, India

Sri Gnanathesigan

Business Engineer

Chennai, India

Gurpreet - A2Z Cloud 

Gurpreet Kaur

Senior Business Engineer

Mohali, India

Nazneen Syed

Business Engineer

Bradford, UK

Steve Matthews

New Mexico, USA

Matheus Ferraz

Business Engineer

Coimbra, Portugal

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Our mission

Too many great businesses find their ambitions frustrated by the technology they use. The systems that should be enabling their aspirations are actually forcing them into ways of working that are less productive – and less enjoyable – than they deserve. Teams feel less connected, effort is wasted, no one feels entirely in control and it all feels disheartingly inefficient.

At A2Z Cloud, we’re not into patching cracks. Our holistic approach focuses on integrated ecosystems to effect meaningful and sustained change throughout a business, transforming not only the way people work, but the way they see the future.

An award-winning team

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