How to nurture your leads with Zoho Marketing Automation

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The journey from a prospect’s initial interest to becoming a loyal customer is fraught with potential drop-off points. Businesses often struggle to maintain engagement, personalise communication, and track the progression of each lead through their marketing funnel.

This is where Zoho Marketing Automation’s journey builder becomes a game-changer.

Easy-to-use drag-and-drop journey builder:

Businesses can create personalised nurture journeys for leads based on specific business requirements. This personalisation is crucial in today’s marketing landscape, where customers expect content tailored to their interests and behaviours. By leveraging data insights, businesses can design journeys that resonate with individual leads, increasing the chances of engagement and conversion.

The tool allows full control over various aspects of the journey, including triggers, messaging timelines, and conditions for lead removal. This level of control ensures that users can fine-tune every aspect of the lead nurturing process.

Drag and drop journey builder - Zoho Marketing Automation

Pre-designed templates:

The platform includes a journey template gallery with numerous workflows. These pre-designed templates serve as a starting point, especially beneficial for businesses new to journey mapping. They include the best practices and common journey scenarios, saving time and effort in the design phase.

These templates save time in designing and allow users to focus on creating personalised touchpoints for leads. By reducing the time spent on journey creation, marketers can invest more time in crafting compelling content and personalised interactions, which are key to nurturing leads effectively.

Zoho Marketing Automation - Template library

Advanced journey features:

The journey builder includes conditional and split logic triggers to add a human touch to the journey plans. These advanced features enable businesses to create dynamic journeys that adapt based on lead behaviour. For instance, if a lead shows interest in a particular product category, the journey can automatically adjust to focus more on that category.

Businesses can create different engagement journeys for leads based on specific criteria. Segmenting leads and tailoring journeys based on criteria such as demographics, past interactions, or engagement levels ensures that each lead receives relevant and engaging content.

The tool allows setting exit conditions to remove leads or contacts from the journey when necessary. This feature helps in maintaining a clean and focused database, ensuring that resources are not wasted on uninterested or unresponsive leads.

Re-entry triggers enable leads to return to the journey at a later stage. This is particularly useful for re-engaging leads who may have dropped off but shown renewed interest.

Triggers in Zoho Marketing Automation

Real-time analytics:

It provides detailed reports to track each lead’s journey from start to finish. These analytics are invaluable in understanding how leads interact with the content and where they are in the buying cycle. The journey of a lead is rarely linear. Real-time analytics help in pinpointing the critical moments or touchpoints that influence a lead’s decision-making process. Whether it’s a particular content that nudges them forward or a specific feature of a product they revisit, understanding these moments enables businesses to enhance these touchpoints for better engagement.

Analytics in Zoho Marketing Automation

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