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Meta has recently announced the upcoming closure of its Workplace platform, a decision that will significantly impact the businesses and organisations relying on it for employee engagement and internal communication. With a planned transition period and a strategic partnership with Workvivo by Zoom to facilitate the migration, companies are now evaluating their options. Amidst this transition, Zoho Connect emerges as a compelling alternative that deserves serious consideration.

Meta’s Workplace closure

Meta’s decision to shutter Workplace marks the end of a notable era for its employee engagement platform. Workplace will remain fully functional until August 31, 2025. From September 1, 2025, to May 31, 2026, users will only have access to read and download existing data. After June 1, 2026, all access to Workplace will be terminated, and the platform will be deleted.

This timeline underscores the urgency for current Workplace users to begin considering their next steps and evaluating alternative platforms to ensure a smooth transition.

Workvivo, Meta’s appointed migration partner


Along with the announcement of Workplace’s discontinuation, Meta has appointed Workvivo by Zoom as its preferred migration partner, this partnership aims to provide users with a smooth migration and additional support services to facilitate the transition.

Workvivo is a reputable and well-known tool. Acquired by Zoom in 2023, it has integrated well into the Zoom ecosystem and offers extensive features. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean the platform aligns perfectly with every business’s unique needs. Concerns around platform complexity, integration with existing tools, or cost implications might drive users to explore other options.

The Importance of an Employee Experience (EX) Platform

With a geographically distributed workforce, comprising both in-office and remote workers, it’s crucial to align all employees and foster a sense of belonging. Email and chat alone are insufficient for building a thriving work culture.

Organisations need platforms that allow for the free flow of ideas and spaces for leadership and employees to interact. A virtual headquarters where employees can log in, access their schedules, read company news, and access company policies is essential—and it needs to facilitate communication across the entire organisation.

Not being connected in a world that’s become increasingly digital isn’t sustainable for modern organisations. Studies have shown that good employee experience (EX) drives revenue, and the best way to improve EX is by moving to a platform purposefully designed for this.

Zoho Connect – A unified EX and internal communications platform

While Workvivo stands as the formally announced migration partner, Zoho Connect presents a compelling alternative that should not be overlooked.

Zoho Connect offers a comprehensive platform that supports every aspect of your organisation’s needs. From driving important conversations to facilitating cross-team collaboration, ensuring employee engagement, and automating mundane tasks, Zoho Connect improves the employee experience, boosts productivity, and aligns everyone towards a common goal.

How does Zoho Connect benefit you? 

Internal Communication: Zoho Connect offers dedicated company news feeds, built-in idea management spaces, and platforms for open communication. This fosters a culture of transparency and inclusivity, essential for modern businesses.

Employee Engagement: With features like peer-to-peer recognition, virtual town halls, surveys, and live event broadcasts, Zoho Connect empowers employees to feel heard and valued. The platform also provides rich analytics to measure employee sentiment and engagement.

Resource Access: Zoho Connect creates a centralised hub for all essential resources. Its customisable company dashboard simplifies access to information and supports the creation of document and knowledge repositories.

Collaboration: Zoho Connect promotes cross-team collaboration through built-in task management solutions. Kanban-themed task boards help in planning, prioritising, and executing work seamlessly.

Process Digitisation: The platform’s no-code builder allows organisations to digitise and streamline various processes, enhancing efficiency and automation.

Customisation: Zoho Connect can be personalised to reflect an organisation’s brand identity. This includes customising colours, themes, and accessing Connect from a dedicated domain, ensuring a cohesive user experience.

Privacy and Security: Prioritising data privacy and security, Zoho Connect leverages Zoho’s robust policies to ensure sensitive information remains protected.

Thinking things over? Looking for a Workplace alternative?

Download the detailed comparison guide to see how Zoho Connect measures up against Workplace from Meta.

Zoho Connect vs Workplace from Meta

Workplace from Meta is a comprehensive business communication platform combining chat, feeds, and an organisation’s intranet with work tools. It facilitateds information sharing and employee engagement through features like live video and groups. However, with its discontinuation, businesses must find a platform that matches, if not exceeds these capabilities.

Zoho Connect is a unified solution offering tools that support communication, ideation, engagement, and execution. It aligns with organisational work cultures and values, helping them achieve their vision effectively. Zoho Connect’s ability to personalise the platform to fit an organisation’s brand and its robust security features make it a strong contender as businesses transition away from Workplace.


Wrapping up

As Meta prepares to close Workplace in 2026, businesses must proactively seek alternative platforms to maintain seamless employee engagement and communication.

While Workvivo by Zoom offers a direct migration path, Zoho Connect emerges as a versatile and powerful alternative, providing comprehensive features that can enhance organisational productivity and cohesion. Organisations should evaluate both options to determine which best fits their unique needs and long-term goals.

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