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Zoho Connect is the ultimate solution for modern businesses seeking a powerful and versatile intranet platform. With its robust features, Zoho Connect empowers teams to collaborate seamlessly, exchange knowledge, and engage in productive networking. Whether your team is distributed or working remotely, Zoho Connect enhances productivity and engagement, making it the go-to tool for decentralised teams.

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Thriving together: Unleash the power of Connect

Zoho Connect is the ultimate platform for businesses that prioritise collaboration, brainstorming, decision making, and knowledge sharing. Whether your team works in person, remotely, or in a decentralised manner, Zoho Connect brings people and resources together in one place, ensuring that work is done efficiently.

With its versatile features, Zoho Connect is suitable for businesses of all sizes, empowering your team to thrive and fostering a collaborative workplace culture. Join Zoho Connect and unlock the full potential of team collaboration for your organization.

Why do businesses love Zoho Connect?

Why do businesses love Zoho Connect?

Collaborative Productivity

Packed with social features, you can use groups to give teams exclusive space to collaborate, share information and work without barriers.


Communicate Faster

Keep in touch with your team and keep up to date with what’s going on by using feeds and activity streams to exchange ideas and receive updates.

Easy Access to Files

Thanks to Zoho Connect, you can bring all your working files into one place and use multi-user online editors to create a collaborative environment for the team.


Discussion Channels

Create channels where you can communicate in real-time with your team, allowing you to tackle time-sensitive matters and make decisions in a snap.

Automation Productivity

With the power of intelligent forms you can collect and process data. Building workflows will allow you to save time and effort!

Plan for Success

Zoho Connect allows you to create plans for ideas, assign tasks and track the progress of work so that you and your team can focus on what’s important.

Social Intranet

Zoho Connect is a truly modern intranet solution that brings your team together in an interactive digital environment that encourages collaboration.

Create Your Culture

Promote the culture that you want to grow in your teams and your business. Boost your employee engagement with a range of social features.



Zoho Connect integrates with a wide range of other applications, like Zoho Campaigns, MailChimp, Google Calendar, Zapier and more.

UK Zoho Premium Partner

Zoho Connect Partner

As a trusted Zoho Premium partner, A2Z Cloud is dedicated to helping your business thrive. With our extensive experience and a team of skilled developers who are passionate about innovation, we manage every aspect of your Zoho implementation in-house, ensuring top-notch quality and suitability for your unique requirements.

From gathering requirements to seamless delivery, comprehensive training, and support, we take care of it all, allowing you to focus on what matters most – your business.

Partner with A2Z Cloud to unlock the full potential of Zoho Connect for your business and experience the difference of our customer-centric solutions.

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