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Zoho Campaigns

The optimal email marketing app, Zoho Campaigns is easy-to-use, fast to implement, and has a wide array of useful tools and extras to help you get the job done well. These include customisable and pre-built templates, real-time analytics and A/B testing, and pre-defined communications workflows that get the right message to your customers at the right time.

Email Marketing to help boost sales!

Your potential customers are exposed to so many emails every single day, it can feel like you’re shouting into the void. Let Zoho Campaigns take on the heavy lifting, so you can spend more time focusing on your objectives. It’s brilliant for e-commerce too, and easy to hook up to your store.

A selection of Zoho Campaigns’ killer features

Create beautiful and engaging emails. Track how your target audience is interacting with them. Test variants to find what’s working – and eliminate what isn’t. Personalise your recipients’ experiences. Let Zoho lead your drip-marketing campaigns and post-sales communications with pre-built workflows. It’s got everything covered.

For e-commerce, connect your store to Zoho Campaigns and let it take care of all your communications. It’s the best email marketing software you’ll ever use – all our clients love it. Here are some of its key features in more detail.

Smart Emails!

Zoho Campaigns has ‘smart email marketing’ tools that will help you decide things like the best subject line and even the perfect time for your email to land in their mailbox!

CRM Integration

Campaigns integrate seamlessly with Zoho CRM and it will allow you to sync your account, send out emails and see the results in your CRM account for easy follow-up and task assignment!

Email Automation

With Zoho Campaigns, you get a host of automation tools that will allow you to send automated messages. With email workflows and autoresponders, you can even trigger emails based on user activity.

Fine Tuning

It’s important to test the success of your campaign – with Zoho Campaigns you get access to insightful reports that give you all the details of your campaign including unique opens, clicks and more.

Permission-based Marketing

If you’re consent-conscious and striving for GDPR Compliance this is the tool for you. Send emails campaigns only to those who have opted-in to receive your emails and manage your recipient approvals.


Personalised emails provide superior results and with Zoho Campaigns you can go beyond ‘hey FirstName’ and tailor your emails based on more factors such as age, gender, profession and more.

Fully Certified Zoho Campaigns Partner

A2Z Cloud is the biggest Zoho Premium Partner in the UK and one of the largest in the world.  Whether your business has 10 staff or 250, we know how to make Zoho work for you. We’ve been working with Zoho for years, with a hungry team of talented developers who love to innovate and create solutions for your business. 

We handle everything ourselves – no sub-contracting, ensuring the highest quality and suitability of your Zoho package – everything from requirements gathering to delivery, training and reviews. We even give you a month of free support after implementation, to make sure you know how to get the most out of your new systems.

"The team at A2Z Cloud were incredibly knowledgeable and responsive to my business needs, not just creating a system that works for me in the immediate sense but building something bespoke that can organically move with me through the lifetime of my business."

– Robert Redfern, Naturally Healthy Publications