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Zoho One

Run all your business functions using one unified system with Zoho One. Fully scalable to meet your business needs.

Zoho One Applications
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Run your business like clockwork

Using Zoho One, you can replace your patchwork of legacy systems with a unified solution.

Run a financial health check on your business, deal with invoicing, handle your warehouse managing, oversee recruitment and stay in touch with your customers – all with a single system.

Work from anywhere.

Access all your Zoho One applications on your mobile device.

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Benefits of using Zoho One

This game-changing suite of products can help you:

  • increase lead conversions and sales revenue
  • streamline business processes and reduce manual work
  • improve and automate your workflows
  • strengthen team working through closer collaboration
  • provide a better customer experience with a more seamless journey, from first contact to first order
  • speed up reporting, analysis and planning
  • provide cross-functional insights for smarter decision-making

Reliable, secure and scalable. 

All apps can easily be customised and scaled to meet your needs. Zoho One can also be integrated with many third-party applications, such as Outlook and Quickbooks. 

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Access using a single sign-on.

You’ll have a single sign-on to access all the apps within Zoho One. So, you can move between different apps – without having to use different log-ins. Administrators also have oversight of all functions so you can give your people access to different parts of the system, depending on their roles.


Zoho One brings together Zoho’s world-leading products at a fantastic price. No gimmicks or hidden extras – just simple and transparent pricing.

Choose from two different pricing options.

All employee package

£30/employee/month – billed annually​

One license per employee

Flexible pricing

£80/user/month​ – billed annually​

Unlimited users can be added

Call us today to discuss which option would be best suited to your business needs.

Don’t just take our word for it

To build, launch and roll out such an important system to ITV within 6-7 weeks is a fantastic achievement. Thank you to all the team involved at A2Z Cloud.

Rob O’Brien
Technology & Platforms, ITV PLC

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