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Zoho Inventory

Zoho inventory management software is much more than simple inventory tracking. It gives you access to useful insights – like which items are your top sellers, which fast-selling products need more stock, and other mission-critical information around order fullfillment.

Zoho inventory management for growing businesses

Zoho Inventory is a top-class piece of software from the Zoho Finance suite that’s garnered a host of awards and top ratings. It’s easy to use, feature rich, and smart. Increase your sales and keep track of every unit with this powerful multi-channel application, which encompasses stock management, order fulfillment, and inventory control. 

And there’s something to help every sole trader or small business, from Amazon FMCG vendors to Etsy artisans and makers. Zoho Inventory’s stock management capabilities make order fulfillment run smoothly and put customer satisfaction front and centre. The potential influence of such a powerful application on sales and business growth, whatever your size, is huge.

A selection of Zoho Inventory’s killer features

 Make sure you know exactly what’s happening with your products with Zoho Inventory. Using Zoho Inventory tracking within this app, you can follow every unit in and out of the building – or your virtual warehouse. Do you know which products are really shifting? Zoho Inventory does – and will alert you when you need to replenish your stock.

Increase Sales

Multi-channel inventory management will help you expand your business online. Set up and integrate Amazon, eBay, Etsy or Shopify to access a range of features like automation and consolidating offline/online order information in one place.

Manage Orders

Manage both offline and online orders using Zoho Inventory’s order management system. Create purchase orders, back orders and drop-shipments. Plus, you can securely collect payments online, and identify trends that help you stay ahead of the competition.

Zoho Inventory Tracking

End-to-end tracking of every item or batch (lot) in your inventory with Zoho Inventory’s serial number and batch tracking features. You can also track the expiration of your products and trace faulty items back to their batch.

Multiple Shipping Integrations

Real-time shipping rates and in-transit details from major carriers will allow you to pick a suitable shipping partner for your business. Zoho Inventory integrates you directly or you can use a shipment aggregator.

Accounting and CRM Integration

With full integration with Zoho CRM and Zoho Books, the inventory app automatically syncs all contacts, orders and financial data. No more double entries, plus you can access Books’ helpful features and more in-house integrations.

Warehouse Management

With Zoho Inventory you’ve got all necessary information at your fingertips – especially if you have the iOS or Android app. Check stock levels, manage warehouse transfers, and generate reports for specific warehouses in seconds.

Fully Certified Zoho Inventory Partner

A2Z Cloud is the biggest Zoho Premium Partner in the UK and one of the largest in the world.  Whether your business has 10 staff or 250, we know how to make Zoho work for you. We’ve been working with Zoho for years, with a hungry team of talented developers who love to innovate and create solutions for your business. 

We handle everything ourselves – no sub-contracting, ensuring the highest quality and suitability of your Zoho package – everything from requirements gathering to delivery, training and reviews. We even give you a month of free support after implementation, to make sure you know how to get the most out of your new systems.

"The team at A2Z Cloud were incredibly knowledgeable and responsive to my business needs, not just creating a system that works for me in the immediate sense but building something bespoke that can organically move with me through the lifetime of my business."

– Robert Redfern, Naturally Healthy Publications