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Zoho Recruit

Meet the hiring needs of your business with all-in-one recruitment software. Zoho Recruit is a faster and more efficient way to attract, engage and hire the right people for your business, with automation and slick end-to-end processes. Have it tailored to your requirements with A2Z, the UK’s top Zoho Recruit partner.

All-in-one Zoho recruitment software

Zoho Recruit combines an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) with a Candidate Relationship Management platform (recruitment CRM). These powerhouses – available in a single recruitment solution – help you provide a fantastic recruitment experience for candidates and secure better quality placements without compromising on efficiency or speed.

As a recruitment solution, it’s suitable for internal HR teams in growing SMEs, as well as recruitment agencies, corporate HR departments and temp agencies. Its end-to-end recruitment features can be customised to your exact needs (or, for agencies, those of your client). And, like all Zoho apps, Zoho Recruit is scalable, so it will grow as you grow and become a trusted pillar of your organisation.

A selection of Zoho Recruit’s killer features

The dual-engines of ATS and CRM create an unbeatable recruitment software solution that helps create people and culture focused growth. The ATS features support faster sourcing and seamless, automated hiring processes. Meanwhile, the recruitment CRM side has tools to help you nurture and build relationships with potential candidates – the recruitment CRM actively reduces candidate drop-off rates.

Zoho Recruit includes remote hiring tools and you can integrate it with a number of other Zoho apps like Zoho People and Zoho CRM. It will also integrate with dozens of third party apps like Slack, social media like LinkedIn, Outlook and GSuite (Google Workspace), document signing apps, and job boards like Indeed.


Post Once, Publish Everywhere

Zoho Recruit helps you cast a wide net. You can post multiple job postings to sites like Indeed, Glassdoor and Monster – more than 75 job boards, in fact.

Social Recruitment

While you’re posting to job boards, you can also leverage the power of social. Instantly share your listings across social channels to be seen by millions.

AI-Powered Candidate Ranking

Zoho’s AI, Zia, will grade and rank your list of candidates on how they match the requirements, presenting you with a priority-ordered list you can work from.

Employee Referrals

Zoho Recruit supports networking – -your workforce can help you source talent by referring trusted friends and colleagues from their own networks.


Background Checks

Using the Zoho Recruit screening (background screening) function, you can confirm candidate quality and maintain safe, compliant and inclusive hiring practices.

Build Your Employer Brand

Recruitment is a brand awareness opportunity. Create custom career pages on your website to list all job openings and make it easy for candidates to apply.

Candidate Tracking

See what’s going on in your hiring pipeline with a panoramic view of the status of your job openings, from screening through to hiring.

Monitor KPIs

Track KPI’s like time-to-hire, age of job, offer acceptance rate and more with vibrant and visual reporting tools.

Recruitment Automation

Use Zoho Recruit to create time-saving blueprints for custom workflows that map every detail of your recruitment process, from validation to hiring.

Fully Certified Zoho Recruit Partner

A2Z Cloud is the biggest Zoho Premium Partner in the UK and one of the largest in the world.  Whether your business has 10 staff or 250, we know how to make Zoho work for you. We’ve been working with Zoho for years, with a creative team of talented developers who love to innovate solutions for your business.  

We handle everything ourselves – no sub-contracting, ensuring the highest quality and suitability of your Zoho package – everything from requirements gathering to delivery, training and reviews. We even give you a month of free support after implementation, to make sure you know how to get the most out of your new systems.

"The team at A2Z Cloud were incredibly knowledgeable and responsive to my business needs, not just creating a system that works for me in the immediate sense but building something bespoke that can organically move with me through the lifetime of my business."

– Robert Redfern, Naturally Healthy Publications