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Simplify your hiring process with Zoho Recruit, the all-in-one recruitment software solution. Designed to meet the hiring needs of your business, Zoho Recruit offers a faster and more efficient way to attract, engage, and hire the right talent. With automation and streamlined end-to-end processes, Zoho Recruit takes the hassle out of recruitment, allowing you to focus on finding the best candidates for your team.

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Zoho recruitment software

Elevate your recruitment process with Zoho Recruit, a comprehensive solution that combines the power of an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) with a Candidate Relationship Management platform (recruitment CRM). With these two powerhouses available in a single solution, Zoho Recruit enables you to provide a seamless and exceptional recruitment experience for candidates, while ensuring better quality placements without compromising on efficiency or speed.

Whether you are an internal HR team in a growing SME, a recruitment agency, corporate HR department, or temp agency, Zoho Recruit is designed to meet your unique recruitment needs.

Leading Zoho Recruit Partner

Elevate your recruitment game to new heights by reaching out to us, one of the leading Zoho Recruit partners in the UK. Our expert assistance will help you implement Zoho Recruit and optimise your recruitment processes.

With Zoho Recruit’s flexible and customisable end-to-end recruitment solution, your organisation can tailor the platform to meet its unique needs. As your organisation grows, Zoho Recruit grows with you, serving as a reliable pillar in your recruitment efforts.

Contact us today and take your recruitment process to the next level.

Zoho Recruit Features

Zoho Recruit: faster, more efficient recruitment


Post Once, Publish Everywhere

Zoho Recruit helps you cast a wide net. You can post multiple job postings to sites like Indeed, Glassdoor and Monster – more than 75 job boards, in fact.

Social Recruitment

While you’re posting to job boards, you can also leverage the power of social. Instantly share your listings across social channels to be seen by millions.

AI-Powered Candidate Ranking

Zoho’s AI, Zia, will grade and rank your list of candidates on how they match the requirements, presenting you with a priority-ordered list you can work from.

Employee Referrals

Zoho Recruit supports networking – -your workforce can help you source talent by referring trusted friends and colleagues from their own networks.


Background Checks

Using the Zoho Recruit screening (background screening) function, you can confirm candidate quality and maintain safe, compliant and inclusive hiring practices.

Build Your Employer Brand

Recruitment is a brand awareness opportunity. Create custom career pages on your website to list all job openings and make it easy for candidates to apply.

Candidate Tracking

See what’s going on in your hiring pipeline with a panoramic view of the status of your job openings, from screening through to hiring.

Monitor KPIs

Track KPI’s like time-to-hire, age of job, offer acceptance rate and more with vibrant and visual reporting tools.

Recruitment Automation

Use Zoho Recruit to create time-saving blueprints for custom workflows that map every detail of your recruitment process, from validation to hiring.

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