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Zoho Cliq streamlines team communication by providing organised conversations, easy-to-find information, and seamless integration with your favourite tools. No matter where you are, you can work together effortlessly.

With features like team connectivity, file sharing, task setting, group creation, and cross-area collaboration, Zoho Cliq empowers businesses with efficient communication, enhanced teamwork, and streamlined workflows. It’s a valuable asset for modern workplaces, allowing teams to collaborate effectively and boost productivity.

Leading Zoho Premium Partner

A2Z Cloud is one of only a handful of Zoho Premium Partners in the UK. We’re experts in picking apart your processes, turning them into requirements, designing and then deploying the perfect solution for your business at a price that suits your budget, and we have a room full of talented young developers ready to innovate and provide solutions for your business.

Zoho Cliq - Team Collaboration and Instant Messaging Software

Effortless team communication with Zoho Cliq

Zoho Cliq enables teams to collaborate effortlessly, regardless of their location, bridging gaps and enhancing productivity. Say goodbye to the challenges of remote communication as Zoho Cliq provides a unified platform for sharing files, scheduling events, setting reminders, and initiating team calls with screen sharing. Whether your team is in the same room or scattered across different offices or even continents, Zoho Cliq brings them together to communicate quickly and easily.

Join the ranks of satisfied businesses that have unlocked the power of Zoho Cliq to overcome communication barriers and streamline team collaboration.

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Businesses like yours love Zoho Cliq!

Businesses love Zoho Cliq’s features because they solve key communication challenges and enhance team collaboration. Here are a few favourites!

Group Collaboration

Zoho Cliq makes it easy with ‘channels’ for you to create groups so that you can transform your ideas into a reality in a secure and transparent way


Search your chats

Search through your messages, look up users or find files that were shared in a previous chat searchable messaging and get what you need when you need it.

Voice Chat

With Zoho Cliq you can enjoy one-click calls or video chats that come complete with easy-to-use screen sharing so that you can all be on the same page


Tasks and Calendar

Cliq allows you to also see all your day to day tasks and calendar schedules so  you don’t need to go switching around to find what you’ve got on.

Workflows and Bots

You can really allow for intelligent collaboration thanks to custom bots and command shortcuts that allow you to automate day-to-day activities 



Zoho Cliq uses some top-of-the-line security with its systems and comes with data encryption and secret chat to help you keep data safe

UK Zoho Premium Partner

UK Zoho Premium Partner

As the leading Zoho Premium Partner in the UK, A2Z Cloud has extensive experience in assisting businesses with automating their project management processes. With our in-depth understanding of Zoho’s suite of tools, we have helped numerous organisations across industries streamline their project management workflows, drive efficiency, and boost productivity.

Contact us today to learn how we can assist you in optimising your project management workflows and achieving success in your business.

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