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Nurture leads and conversions using Zoho’s live chat, analytics and visitor scoring app, SalesIQ. Utilise automation for the small stuff, while taking full control of the customer lifecycle. Get valuable insight into customers’ engagement with your website and your team, for visibility of the context and opportunities at every stage.

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Live chat. Analytics. Visitor scoring.

Realtime tracking of what your customer is engaging with on your site. Custom chat bots that free your people up for relationship-building. CRM integration, personalised messages and pre-defined rules – SalesIQ is a powerful tool that helps boost your ROI across your sales, marketing and customer service functions.

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Some of Zoho SalesIQ’s killer features

This popular Zoho app is packed with intuitive features that help put your finger on the pulse of your business.


Track & Engage Visitors

Monitor how visitors are using your website in real time and strategically reach out to prospects with personalised messages.

Drive Engagement

With SalesIQ You can identify your high-value prospects and focus your energy on those who need your attention and assign follow-up tasks on Zoho CRM.


Anytime Live Support

With chatbot integration, you can handle visitors 24/7 at first step and identify sales-ready leads by setting your own qualifiers.


Active Lead Scores

You can segment your visitors based on their levels of interest and create lead scores based on your own rules as they navigate your website.

Smarter Selling

By identifying where users are on their journey, you can reach out to them at strategically meaningful times to help your business close more sales.


You can also review the progress made by your chat agents and see who the top agents are, what departments are active and other important metrics.

UK Zoho Premium Partner

Zoho SalesIQ Partner

As a trusted Zoho SalesIQ partner, A2Z Cloud is dedicated to helping your business thrive, regardless of its size. With our extensive experience and a team of skilled developers who are passionate about innovation, we manage every aspect of your Zoho SalesIQ implementation in-house, ensuring top-notch quality and suitability for your unique requirements.

From gathering requirements to seamless delivery, comprehensive training, and support we take care of it all, allowing you to focus on what matters most – your business. What’s more, we provide you with a month of free support after implementation, equipping you with the knowledge to maximise the value of your new systems.

Partner with A2Z Cloud to unlock the full potential of Zoho SalesIQ for your business and experience the difference of our customer-centric solutions.

Don’t just take our word for it

To build, launch and roll out such an important system to ITV within 6-7 weeks is a fantastic achievement. Thank you to all the team involved at A2Z Cloud.
Rob O'Brien, Technology & Platforms, ITV PLC

Rob O’Brien

Technology & Platforms, ITV PLC
Jun 28, 2022

It felt like a risk taking on a system not well known in Sweden, but the Zoho One system is now providing the extra information security and reducing the administration burden we hoped for, making life so much easier. Thanks A2Z Cloud!

Jenni Vartiainen

CIO, Framtiden
Jun 28, 2022

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