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Are you looking to gain deeper insights into the behaviours, opinions, and requirements of your target audience, or do you wish to gather feedback on your products and services? Zoho Survey can help you create a professional survey in a short amount of time. With its intuitive drag-and-drop editor and sleek graphics, the tool is easy to use and can be accessed on any device or channel. You can monitor the responses as they arrive and analyse the data at your leisure.

Zoho Survey - Create online surveys | Online Survey Builder

Supercharged survey software

When businesses lack survey builders, they face difficulty in collecting critical feedback from their target audience, hindering their ability to make informed decisions about their products or services. Identifying areas for improvement or determining customer satisfaction levels may become an even more significant challenge.

Resorting to manual data collection methods can be time-consuming, expensive, and often leads to unreliable results. In such cases, businesses can opt for Zoho Survey, an intuitive and cost-effective online form builder. With its user-friendly interface and customisable features, Zoho Survey allows businesses to create professional surveys quickly and efficiently, helping them gain valuable insights from their audience. By choosing Zoho Survey, businesses can adapt and thrive in a competitive market. Best of all, businesses can try out Zoho Survey free of charge.

Zoho Survey Features

Zoho Survey


Zoho Survey comes with over 25 question types like multiple choice, ranking and matrix choices! It also has features like skip logic and piping. You can design the perfect survey and make it as flashy as your brand needs.


Zoho Survey is super versatile and you can share your surveys instantly with everyone on your list, use social media or email campaigns. The forms are protected by SSL so they are safe and private.


Customisable data visualisations make trends obvious and allow you to make informed decisions. You can view in real time or analyse in Google Sheets for a deeper understanding of user responses.


Zoho Survey comes complete with 250 stunning templates for every conceivable sector, including business, not-for-profit and healthcare. They can help you as a starting point to create your perfect survey.

Buy Responses

If you’re looking to do some market research or get some feedback about something you’re doing, but don’t have the audience, you can let Zoho handle it.

Mobile Surveys

No need to worry about the size of screen your user is going to be on – Zoho Survey will automatically optimise the form for whatever mobile device they’re using.

Leading Zoho Premium Partner

Take your business to new heights by partnering with us, a top-rated premium partner in the UK. Our expert assistance can help you implement powerful business solutions and optimise your business processes.

Zoho’s flexible and customisable solutions can be tailored to meet your organisation’s unique needs, enabling you to streamline your processes. As your business grows, Zoho’s solutions will grow with you, serving as a reliable foundation for your business systems. 

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Don’t just take our word for it

To build, launch and roll out such an important system to ITV within 6-7 weeks is a fantastic achievement. Thank you to all the team involved at A2Z Cloud.
Rob O'Brien, Technology & Platforms, ITV PLC

Rob O’Brien

Technology & Platforms, ITV PLC
Jun 28, 2022

It felt like a risk taking on a system not well known in Sweden, but the Zoho One system is now providing the extra information security and reducing the administration burden we hoped for, making life so much easier. Thanks A2Z Cloud!
Jenni Vartiainen, CIO, Framtiden

Jenni Vartiainen

CIO, Framtiden
Jun 28, 2022

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