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Zoho Desk

This is the first context-aware help desk, incorporating sophisticated ticketing software, which integrates with other Zoho and 3rd party apps to pull relevant information together. Referred to by many as Zoho Service Desk and Zoho Help Desk, it’s used by more than 50,000 businesses worldwide to improve agent productivity and increase customer happiness.

A selection of Zoho Desk’s killer features

Zoho Desk gives you all the tools that your teams need to track issues, collaborate to solve problems, and provide unparalleled convenience and reassurance to your customers.

Zoho Desk uses customer data from previous interactions and other Zoho products, like Zoho CRM and Zoho Projects, to organise tickets and intelligently present information to agents. This means they can better understand a customer’s problem and resolve it efficiently.

Tools of the Trade

Zoho Desk will give your team all the tools that they need to connect with customers, track communications, provide effortless interactions, and will automate frequent tasks to free up time to focus on what’s important.

Actionable Analytics

Zoho Desk is packed full of useful features including the ability to identify trends and patterns in your team’s work that you can use to help make improvements and inspire better performance.


Zoho Desk brings engaging social features to the table such as collaborative working and the ability to tag people in comments – it helps to bring together employees across departments to create a unified experience.

Customer Convenience

Gone are the days when customers have to root around your website to find a way to contact you to get some help. Desk makes it easy with a variety of channels email, phone, live chat, social media and more!

Project Management

Zoho Desk equips customers with the capability to find answers to their own questions and to help their peers with built in document libraries and social sharing features to help create community spirit.

Your Helpdesk

Every business is unique with its own products and support processes. Zoho Desk understands this and gives you everything you need to customise and integrate with other applications to meet the needs of your business.

Work from anywhere.

With the Zoho Desk app, you can close tickets on-the-go and reach your customers in real time.

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Fully Certified Zoho Partner

A2Z Cloud is the biggest Zoho Premium Partner in the UK and one of the largest in the world.  Whether your business has 10 staff or 250, we know how to make Zoho work for you. We’ve been working with Zoho for years, with a hungry team of talented developers who love to innovate and create solutions for your business. 

We handle everything ourselves – no sub-contracting, ensuring the highest quality and suitability of your Zoho package – everything from requirements gathering to delivery, training and reviews. We even give you a month of free support after implementation, to make sure you know how to get the most out of your new systems.

"The team at A2Z Cloud were incredibly knowledgeable and responsive to my business needs, not just creating a system that works for me in the immediate sense but building something bespoke that can organically move with me through the lifetime of my business."

– Robert Redfern, Naturally Healthy Publications