Zoho Sprints

Project management software for agile teams

The Agile approach has gained significant popularity in development strategies, and Zoho Sprints is a planning and tracking tool specifically designed for teams utilising Agile development methodologies.

Zoho Sprints - Project Management tool for agile development methodologies

The agile approach to project management

Zoho Sprints is a clean and organised agile tool that enables you to respond promptly to changes and complete projects on schedule. Designed with agile work methods in mind, it offers a range of features including epics, backlog, reports, and the Kanban board to help streamline your workflow. With Zoho Sprints, you can keep your project management clutter-free and focus on delivering great results.



Zoho Sprints’ Features

Some of Zoho Sprint’s killer features

This popular Zoho app is packed with intuitive features that help put your finger on the pulse of your project management.

Planning for change

Get feedback promptly and adapt to your customers needs so that you can ship the products that they really want. 

Task Tracking

The Scrum Board lets you track your tasks through the ‘To do,’ ‘In progress,’ and ‘Done’ columns. 


Time Management

Use Timesheets to to give your clients a picture of the time involved or to estimate the next sprint better.

The Project at a Glance

Dashboard gives you an overview of where things stand. See who the top users are, a summary of the sprint activities, backlog reports and more

Project Management

Velocity charts, burn-down reports and Cumulative Flow Diagrams help you turn raw data into actionable insights. Learn from each sprint!


Collaboration Feeds

Having a feed allows you to see project activity so you can Schedule sprint planning meetings with important topics at the forefront of your plan

UK Zoho Premium Partner

Zoho Sprints Partner

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