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Expense management software

Elevate your expense management with Zoho Expense – the ultimate solution for efficient financial tracking brought to you by A2Z Cloud, your dedicated Zoho partner in the UK. Crafted to align perfectly with the financial demands of your business, Zoho Expense offers a seamless and intuitive platform to oversee expenses, receipts, and reimbursements effortlessly.

Zoho Expense - Business Expense Management Software | Leading Zoho Premium Partner

Master efficient expense management

Zoho Expense is a powerful business expense management tool that greatly benefits financial teams. With its user-friendly interface and robust capabilities, Zoho Expense streamlines expense management tasks, saving time and effort for your team.

From capturing receipts to reconciling expenses, Zoho Expense simplifies the workflow, allowing your financial team to efficiently manage business expenses. With real-time reporting and multi-currency support, Zoho Expense provides full visibility into expenses, ensuring accurate record-keeping and compliance.

Say goodbye to manual processes and empower your financial team with Zoho Expense to revolutionise your expense management.

Leading Zoho Finance Partner

Elevate your expense management processes with Zoho Expense and partner with A2Z Cloud, your trusted Zoho Premium Partner in the UK. With our expertise in Zoho’s suite of finance automation tools, including Zoho Expense, you can optimise your expense management processes to achieve maximum efficiency.

Contact us today to learn more about how you can streamline your finance operations with Zoho Expense and A2Z Cloud as your partner.

Zoho Expense - Meet your digital finance assistant

Meet your digital finance assistant

Auto-Scan Expense Receipts

No more lost receipts. Take a photo of your receipt with the app, tap on the photo and all the important information will be parsed and captured as an expense – automatically. Foreign business trips? Don’t worry – the app reads 14 languages!

Auto-Reconcile corporate cards

Zoho Expense can fetch corporate card feeds from card providers and reconcile the transactions with expenses automatically. Get insight on how employees are using their corporate cards, assign card owners or ask staff to add card details themselves.

Simple Multi-Level Approvals

Zoho Expense gives you the power to build sophisticated linear multi-state automatic approval flows so all expenses are properly examined. Alternatively, keep the process fluid by allowing approval for advance payments and purchase requests by any Admin.


Ensure Policy Compliance

Add multiple expense policies for different departments, cost centers, and branches. You can also assign policies to trips, and advance payments. The app makes sure your employees stick to your policies and doesn’t overspend by allowing you to set up spending limits.

Better Auditing for Expenses

Facility to audit expenses effectively and ensure that there are no unintended or fraudulent expenses. Zoho Expense’s AI-driven fraud detection engine scans expense reports and finds suspicious transactions automatically.

Automate Expense Accounting

Expense data can be synced automatically with accounting software (like Zoho Books) to supercharge your expense accounting process. You can set up triggers for your expenses process, eliminating mundane tasks and minimising errors and risks.

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